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If you’re like me and keep your clubs in your car at all times, you might not need club covers. If you use your clubs frequently, you’ll want to keep them in as excellent a condition as possible.

In this article, I’ll discuss some of my favorite iron covers for your clubs.

I realize that anything that can go over your clubs will protect them, but these five are my all-time favorites. Any of them will suffice, and it will all come down to which style you want.

I like these covers since they all look great and stay in place when you’re walking or lugging them around. Please continue reading for more information on each of them.

Why do you use golf iron headcovers?

The primary function of iron covers is to protect clubs and shafts from harm. We don’t realize how much harm a set of clubs can sustain regularly.

Clubheads collide with one another and with more surfaces than you might suppose, such as the trunk of a car or the concrete ground. Another reason to use iron covers is to prevent the clang-clang of clubs when carrying your bag, especially if you’re a walking golfer.

Which golf iron covers are the best?

Craftsman synthetic leather iron covers

If you’re looking for the most basic and inexpensive iron covers, these are the ones for you. They’re not my favorite, but they’ll get the job done, and they are reasonably priced.

They’re made of synthetic leather and include a velcro strap to keep them on your clubs during your round. It isn’t the most secure option, but it is better than some of the alternatives on the market.

They are available in a variety of colors and can be customized if desired. I wouldn’t say they’re the most durable, and they didn’t seem to stay on my irons the best, but they were excellent compared to other covers in their price range.


  • The price point is amazing
  • They do an excellent job of safeguarding your clubs


  • They aren’t the most secure covers
  • They aren’t the most durable covers

Andux zipper iron covers

If you’re searching for covers that zip up to secure your clubs fully, these could be the ones for you. They are the only covers on our list with a zipper, and they have a bit more padding than the preceding Craftsman.

They’re ranked #4 because they’re a nuisance to take off and put on during your round. You could take them off at the start of the round, but your clubs would be rattling around.

They’re also a little too large to fit in your pocket. Aside from that, they are a very strong iron cover.


  • The zippers keep them tight
  • They come in a variety of colors
  • They provide some ventilation


  • The side panels could be a touch more durable
  • The zippers are a little flimsy
  • The white and black variant gets dirty easily 

Hugeloong knit iron cover.

If you’re searching for a thinner or a knit iron cover, these are the ones to get. They don’t have as much cushioning as others and aren’t as secure, but they look nice and aren’t too huge and thick.

The advantage of these coverings over others is that they are simple to take off and put on. They don’t have zippers or velcro, so they still have the potential to fall off. It wasn’t a common occurrence, but it did occur on occasion. 

These are my favorite knit covers in general.


  • I think they look great
  • They’re nice and thin 
  • They’re easy to put on and take off


  • They are the most expensive cover on this list.
  • They will not be completely secure.
  • One of my covers has begun unraveling.

Face saver plus black iron cover

If you have a habit of losing items on the golf course, these coverings are for you. They’re inexpensive for one, but they also come with lanyards and are attached to one of the other covers.

You don’t have to worry about putting it in your pocket or tossing it on the ground when you’re playing.

They’re also easier to put on and take off than some coverings with zippers or velcro. They’re also a little more secure than knit covers because they feature a tiny collar that helps keep them on your irons.

Overall, these are my personal favorites, along with my next pick.


  • The pricing is quite reasonable
  • They’re durable
  • The lanyards on them are extremely useful
  • They’re very easy to put on and take off


  • The collars on a handful of them have become a touch loose
  • Having some color options would be helpful

Sword & shield sports synthetic leather golf iron covers

Because of their brilliant red color, you won’t have any trouble misplacing any of these golf iron covers from Sword & Shield Sports. They are, however, also available in black.

What distinguishes these covers is their synthetic PU leather composition, which provides longevity and protection while preserving water and scratch-resistant surfaces.

The Velcro closing technique secures the cover over the clubhead and simplifies putting on and taking off.

This 12-piece set accommodates standard and giant club heads for a 3 through 9 iron and approach, lob, pitching, and sand wedges.

Because the number is only on one side of the cover, they are best suited for right-handed clubs.


  • Heavy-duty synthetic leather construction for optimal durability
  • Waterproof and scratch resistant material
  • Velcro strap fastening guarantees a secure fit for added protection


  • Probably only suitable for right-handed clubs
  • Some people thought they were a little too big
  • The bright red hue isn’t for everyone

Craftsman golf black leather iron covers

If you appreciate the aesthetic of leather iron covers and want the best set available, these are the ones for you. They’re not perfect, but I believe they look great, are easy to put on and take off, and appear quite durable.

They fit snugly on my irons and are held in place by a velcro strap. It wasn’t as secure as a zipped cover or the earlier discussed Face Saver, but it was enough.

They’re also color-coded, which helps with organization and looks a lot nicer than a single color.


  • The price is rather affordable
  • They have the best appearance, and the durability appears to be excellent


  • They aren’t completely secure (but it’s adequate)
  • I’d like them to be a little longer

Callaway golf iron headcovers

Some of the best golf irons deserve the best golf iron covers, and Callaway is known for producing high-quality items.

These headcovers are made of stretched fabrics and are designed to fit snugly over your irons and wedges. They also fit over both right-handed and left-handed clubs.

They are sold in a set of nine (4 through 9 irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and X ).

Another cool aspect is that the cloth is permeable, which helps to reduce moisture build-up on the club head.


  • Made of a breathable fabric that helps decrease sweat build-up
  • Designed to stay securely on, at all times, for enhanced protection
  • These can fit both right- and left-handed clubs


  • Expensive
  • Some users said they were too small and perhaps not suitable for bigger irons
  • Some thought they took too long to put on

Things to consider when buying golf iron covers

When purchasing golf iron covers, there are various factors to consider. The following are some of the most important things to keep an eye out for:

Slip-on or zipper cover

First, you must decide whether you want a zipped golf iron cover or a quick slip-on golf cover. It all boils down to personal opinion, as both covers do the same thing: protect your iron club heads from nicks and scratches.

Large print numbers

You’d ideally like to get your hands on golf iron covers with huge print numbers. This helps you instantly identify your clubs and select the best one for your stroke without rummaging among your clubs. This helps you save time on the golf course.

Materials and colors

Golf iron covers are available in various colors and materials that set them apart from the competition. You can match your clubs by selecting a golf iron cover in the same color.

Your pick will be personal taste, but selecting golf iron colors that complement the rest of your equipment is recommended.

Protection level

While all iron covers increase bag appearance, protection is the top priority. You want to safeguard your investment, and the iron cover is your best defense.

Ease of insertion/Penetration depth

The ideal iron cover should be easy to insert and deep enough to hold even the longest blade. In any case, relying solely on the tip is insufficient protection.


While all iron covers are intended to protect the club, numerous manufacturers have enhanced the utility of their covers. The modern cover should provide more than just protection to your round.

Iron cover tips and tricks

  • Make sure you choose a cover that fits your playing style. MyGolfSpy, as always, suggests a professional fitting.
  • Velcro closures will increase the amount of noise in your round.
  • If you like silence, stick to latex, neoprene or dominatrix-approved leather.
  • While all golfers love matching accouterments, don’t be afraid to mix and match your covers. Combining Dank Designs with Lubed Swing could give you the cross-faded round you’re looking for. While traditional covers are based on traditional patterns, many modern businesses have incorporated high-tech approaches into cover design. Understand your preferences. Do you prefer a handcrafted appearance or computer-generated precision?
  • When not in use, make sure to fasten your covers. The braided-titanium CoverLok is a great device for keeping track of covers on the course while your cover-envious friends give you drinks at the 19th hole.

What are the different types of golf club headcovers?

When you buy irons, they usually do not come with iron covers like a set of wood does. The advantage is that you may select from a wide range of iron covers made from various materials and colors.

The majority of iron covers are slip-on, but a zippered version secures the cover to prevent any from being lost. These iron covers are available in neoprene, glove skin, and premium synthetic leather.

Is it possible to flex my iron covers too much?

We’re all aware that covering your irons is a major flex, and some may argue that it may be taken too far. We recommend that you flex as much as you feel comfortable with.

You’ve hard-stepped your X-flex driver shaft three times, and your cover selection should reflect that confidence.

Is it necessary for me to keep my irons covered at all times?

Absolutely. These covers only protect your clubs while they are in place. We recommend that you keep the covers on during the swing to avoid damaging the ball and grass.