This article is for you if you have a limited budget yet want a high-quality rangefinder. For you, we’ve compiled a list of the finest golf rangefinders under $100.

Best golf rangefinders under $100

Here are our top selections for the best golf rangefinder under $100, based on all of the aforementioned factors: 

BOBLOV Golf Rangefinder

After giving everything a careful study and considering the pricing, I came to the conclusion that the BOBLOV Golf Rangefinder is by far the best golf rangefinder under $100.

This one is just what you need for a fantastic round of golf, with a great price-to-feature ratio. 

When you latch on the flag with the pin sensor technology, it will vibrate. The feature is, however, optional. With the help of a simple button, you can turn it on and off.

Furthermore, unlike most other rangefinders in this price range, you have the option of choosing between meters and yards. The three rangefinding options offered are flag, lock, and speed.

However, the speed aspect has nothing to do with golf. But, it may be useful in activities like horse racing. In terms of precision and range, this one, for the most part, fits the perfect criteria.

It is ideal for practically everyone, with a 1-yard accuracy, a locking range of 200 yards, and a total range of 656 yards. It’s particularly efficient when it comes to flag locking.

In addition, the model features slope technology, making it even more convenient. There is an ON/OFF switch to suit your needs because the function is not authorized in professional contests.

Even the most expensive Golf Rangefinders have magnifications comparable to this. This model outperforms the bulk of models in and out of its price range, with a magnification power of 6x. It comes in handy when taking precise measurements.

To clarify, the rechargeable battery will survive numerous rounds despite the fact that it is not removable, which may be an issue for some.

Overall, it’s now one of the top-rated golf rangefinders under $100. 

To keep the evaluation objective, I’d suggest the BOBLOV Golf Rangefinder isn’t for everyone, particularly those who want more than the essentials.

Given that we’re talking about inexpensive smartphones, though, this one exceeds the majority of its competitors in almost every category.

It may be suitable for newbies who are unfamiliar with rangefinders due to its ease of use and multiple functionalities. The best golf rangefinder under $100, without a doubt. 


  • It is really efficient for the price
  • The magnification is 6 times
  • It’s easy to use
  • This is a great range
  • Precision readings are possible in the 200-yard range
  • There is a carrying case included
  • Durable
  • You can choose from a lot of different modes


  • Battery cannot be removed
  • Some users have had issues with long-distance measurement

Gogogo Laser Rangefinder for Golf

Despite being one of the most affordable range-finding devices on the market, Gogogo Laser Rangefinder has earned a reputation as one of the most versatile and convenient range-finding devices.

It turns out to be one of the best rangefinders under $100, thanks to its good performance and attractive design.

Because this model has capabilities like continuous range reading, it works well when measuring the distance between two items at the same time.

This means that functionality is quick and simple, and you won’t have to waste time figuring things out.

In terms of range and accuracy, I believe that these rangefinders under $100 are enough for most people. It will meet every need of a proper golfer at any level, whether casual or professional, with a range of 5-650 yards and an accuracy of +/- 1 yard.

One of its primary benefits is enhanced by the 6x magnification. Furthermore, the multi-coated optic lens effectively reduces reflected light, resulting in a brighter and clearer image.

What else can you get for less than $100 in a golf rangefinder?

Expect to be as useful in other activities such as hunting and archery as a versatile laser Rangefinder. It also contains pin-seeking technology, similar to the aforementioned model, which gives you a vibrating indication when you’re within 200-250 yards of the flag. 

The battery is designed to last for a significant number of rounds. And, if you’re concerned about the model’s durability, it comes with a solid one-year warranty, which says a lot about it.

You’ll enjoy it a lot as an intermediate golfer. Taking into account the fact that it just costs roughly $80. That’s enough to keep it on our list of the best golf rangefinders under $100.

You’ll be able to use it for a variety of jobs because it’s a versatile rangefinder. This is a good value for the money because everything is in its proper place, from appearance to characteristics.


  • Quick measurement
  • Versatile
  • Excellent client service 
  • The guarantee is quite good
  • Stylish
  • The price is justified by the features


  • Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the “slow distance measurement.”

Tacklife Laser 7x Rangefinder with USB Charging

Tacklife Laser 7x Rangefinder is a $90 rangefinder that provides excellent value. It’s also worth noting that it’s Amazon’s best-selling Rangefinders under $100.

However, you can skip forward to the next one to save time because it isn’t tournament legal.

Let’s take a look at the features of this model to see why it’s still in high demand year after year. Starting with the aesthetic, Tacklife Laser 7x has a sleek design that will entice you right away.

When you consider the features you get, it’s a piece of beauty. 

One of the most significant aspects that golfers look for in a rangefinder is the distance range, and this model does not disappoint. With a 900-yard range, it may be used on any type of course.

With four modes, including speed, scanning, range, and pin, the Tacklife laser 7x gives its opponents a run for their money. Not to mention the 7x magnification that adds to the overall experience. This is an excellent golf rangefinder for under $100.

If you’re not familiar with the modes, the scanning mode allows you to measure the yardage of two objects at once, the speed mode measures the speed of an object moving about (particularly handy in racing circumstances), and the range mode provides you the distance.

The pin and angle modes can be used to measure distance on uphill and downhill terrains.

The USB charging connector is, without a doubt, the most prominent feature. It will use a lot of battery if you play golf for several rounds in a row.

Simply plug the cable into any adapter to start charging the gadget and save time. Isn’t it practical?

As previously stated, the biggest disadvantage of this Rangefinder is that it is not permitted in professional tournaments. Apart from that, there isn’t much to criticize. This is a wonderful alternative for casual golfers. 


  • Magnification of 7x
  • The LCD display is crystal clear.
  • There are four modes to choose from.
  • The lens is fully coated.
  • The cost is reasonable.
  • It has a nice design.
  • In comparison, there is a greater distance.


  • It is not permitted in tournaments
  • The battery is depleted

SereneLife Upgraded Advanced Golf Rangefinder

This model, which satisfies all of a golfer’s basic requirements, comes at a very affordable price, which is justified by its features.

The slope and pin finder, for example, are examples of modern technologies that will make your game easier and more consistent. 

Since we’ve already gone over slope and pin seeker in the descriptions of every second gadget on this list, I don’t think it’s necessary to go over it again. While one changes the angles, the other focuses on the flag. 

The SereneLife Upgraded Advanced Golf Rangefinder comes with one button operation to rapidly get the job done, ensuring a comfortable and non-stressful golf experience.

This model can measure distances up to 540 yards with +/- yard accuracy when it comes to angle and precision, guaranteeing that every time you hit the ball off the tee, you get the precise measurement.  

The 6x magnification is another advantage of this. It’s not all bells and whistles, even though it’s one of the best Golf Rangefinders under $100. Such any other low-cost model, this one includes flaws like limited battery life and a non-waterproof body.

This means that every few rounds, you’ll have to charge it. This is inconvenient for many people. 

Overall, the SereneLife Upgraded Advanced Golf Rangefinder is an excellent pick if you are new to golf and are unfamiliar with these gadgets. Your money will not be wasted because of the convenience of use and practically all of the necessary technologies and features. 

You get a lot of handy features that are undeniably important if you ignore the battery and waterproof aspect. Despite the short range, you obtain full accuracy down to the last yard.

It’s not something we see very often. It’s a wonderful option for people looking for the finest rangefinder under $100.


  • To the last yard, it maintains its precision.
  • It’s small and pleasant 
  • The user interface is simple
  • Technologically sophisticated


  • This item is not waterproof
  • Battery life is limited
  • The range is a little limited

Aofar G2 Golf Rangefinder With Slope Switch Technology

It’s vital to understand that the Aofar G2 Golf Rangefinder comes with a lifetime guarantee before we get into the details.

Isn’t it incredible? For example, cheap rangefinders aren’t generally very generous in this regard.

Surprisingly, that isn’t the only advantage this model has; it also includes some of the most cutting-edge features that would excite any golfer.

The first is, without a doubt, the slope technology, which allows for some truly amazing alterations.

Furthermore, when the pin seeker is fastened onto the flag, it will vibrate softly, making you feel more at peace. The utilization of slope switch technology is another impressive feature of this instrument.

You can switch between slope and non-slope mode with just two buttons.

The Aofar G2 Golf Rangefinder can measure distances up to 600 yards with +/- yard accuracy and 6x magnification, which is what a rangefinder is all about. This is exactly what a golfer needs on the most basic level. Keeping extravagances to a bare minimum. 

Has a nice and tidy display that shows the inclination and descending degrees as needed. However, if you’re in a competition, you can turn off this feature because it’s against the rules. You can do this by pressing and holding the M button for a long time.

This device succeeds in the latter but falls short in the former when it comes to battery life and longevity. You’ll have to deal with some challenges in terms of durability because it’s not waterproof. Make sure you don’t use it if it’s pouring or misting outside.  

With a lifetime warranty and a slew of handy features, I believe it’s one of the few finest Rangefinders under $100 that has it all. Although the lack of water resistance may be a deterrent for some, the number of features it provides more than makes up for it.

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies such as a pin seeker and slope adjustment, there are no worries about its functionality. Nothing less than a golf rangefinder’s guardian angel. 


  • Affordably priced 
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Technology for slopes and pinseekers
  • The box contains all oft he necessary accessories
  • It is simple and convenient to use
  • Tournaments are permitted


  • This item is not waterproof

How to choose the best golf rangefinders under $100?

Of course, you can’t anticipate too many advanced features when you buy these rangefinders for this low price. However, there are a few aspects that make them useful for you, and here are the factors to think about while looking for a good golf rangefinder under $100.

Range and accuracy

Range and accuracy are two interwoven considerations. A good quality rangefinder should have a range of 400 to 1000 yards and an accuracy of at least 1 yard.

To get the most out of your rangefinder, think about the courses you’ll be playing on. However, a rangefinder with a good range and good accuracy will suffice.

Battery life 

You’ll need a model with good battery life if you don’t want your device to die in the middle of a game. A Li-Ion rechargeable battery is used in the majority of Rangefinder, which is a good option.

You must, however, conduct a thorough examination. How long can it last, for example, and how rapidly does it recharge? A good battery should be slow in the beginning and fast in the end. 

As I previously stated, we’ll be discussing the best golf rangefinders under $100. Thus we’ll be discussing fundamental characteristics like magnification power, lens, display, flag lock, continuous scan, and other considerations like anti-fog. 

Aside from that, features are essentially decorative elements that provide no value to the product. I’ve done my best to list just those models that include everything, or at least the majority of it.


Even though the price range is lower, you must ensure that the model you purchase is sturdy. Well, that relies a lot on the sort of material used in the rangefinder, as well as the overall design of the gadget.

Generally, devices with the robust, water-resistant plastic bodies have proven to be more durable. However, you should double-check the warranty. This will help you relax. 


You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a game trying to figure out how to use your rangefinders to collect measurements. When you’re a rookie, this can happen much more frequently.

So look for a rangefinder with a simple user interface to keep things simple and quick.

Mode of slope adjustment

The golf course will always have slopes. As a result, there will be dropped and incline slope angles on the course.

These slopes form angles with the flagpole, which causes the distance and range between the pin and the golfer to alter.

Golf rangefinders under $100 should be able to measure and adjust the decline/incline angles between the flagpole and slopes.

With slope adjustment, you’ll be able to determine your location and, as a result, change your data.

Eye comfort

Rangefinders come in a variety of eye relief configurations. With contact lenses and spectacles, the rangefinders work differently. Before making a purchase, test how the rangefinder feels on your eyes.

Using the rangefinder continually during your shots should not cause eye strain. As a result, you should opt for a rangefinder with a focus adjustment. You may then adjust the focus to make it more comfortable for your eyes. 

Flag lock mechanism

The flag lock system is another important element. The function is quite useful for improving your game. It will make it easier for you to locate the flagpole.

It will lock and measure the distance as soon as it locates it. 

The vibration feature is available on some rangefinders with flag lock mechanisms. When it latches the pin and distance, it will vibrate to alert you. 

Optics and display

Optics and display refer to how your eyes see the rangefinder’s lens when gazing through it. Without any blurring, the optics should be as clear as crystal. For clear photographs, you should aim for a magnification of 6x.

It should be simple to understand and read when shown. When you use it, you want a display that provides proper and accurate yardage.

Some devices have a diopter adjustment that might help with focus.


Golf rangefinders are available at a variety of price points. You can spend as much money as you like on the device. The affordable models, on the other hand, have all of the vital elements required to better your game, just like the more expensive variants.

Don’t forget to check out our list of the best golf rangefinders under $300.

Under $100, you can get the greatest golf rangefinders that satisfy all of a golfer’s needs. So it all came down to how much you wanted to spend on the device and your budget.

Optional targeting

The goal of golf is to get the ball into the hole in the fewest number of shots possible. A straight shot is the best method to do this, but many courses do not allow it. You can plan your shots better if you use an optional targeting system.

You can target certain places, whether you want to avoid hitting the ball behind a tree or want to plant your shot for a greater chance on the next stroke. This is useful for anyone interested in playing the game strategically.

You won’t have to be concerned when you’re close to the rough this way. 


You must have a few queries after reading the best golf rangefinder under 100 reviews and buyer’s guide. That is why we have created this area just to answer your questions. 

Are golf rangefinders accurate?

A Laser rangefinder delivers exceptionally exact measurements in terms of accuracy. You’ll obtain precise measurements within a yard.

You may then decide which club is best for which shot.

What is the best golf rangefinder for the money?

The BOBLOV K600AG 650 Yards Slope Golf Finder is, without a doubt, the greatest golf rangefinder for the money.

The gadget comes with more slope adjustment features because it is the cheapest. As a result, your general performance and game will increase. 

What is the difference between hunting and Golf range finders?

To work, they both rely on laser technology. As a result, they appear to be functionally equivalent. This viewport is reasonable.

However, it is taken from the wrong perspective. In truth, there are numerous distinctions between them, not only in terms of function but also in terms of types, usage, and price. 

Golf rangefinders are classified as laser, optical, or GPS rangefinders. Archery, rifle-hunting, and precision-shooting rangefinders are the three types of hunting rangefinders.

They are distinguished by their various purposes and applications, which are appropriate for each activity. As a result, I do not advise utilizing a rangefinder for both of these tasks.

If you still want to save money, look for laser hunting rangefinders that offer Bullseye Mode, which is the same as FTP Mode in rangefinders.

What is the purpose of rangefinders?

A rangefinder will help you determine the distance to the objective, sometimes known as the flagpole in golf. When the distance between you and the target is too great, it will be difficult to picture the location and approach to the target.

As a result, you’ll need a gadget like a rangefinder to assist you in looking further.

It’s utilized in a variety of fields besides golf, including hunting, forestry, photography, and projectile weapons, among others.

Surveying and navigation are two things it helps with. In golf, a rangefinder may determine the distance between a player’s standing position and the target.

It also aids in the measurement of slope and wind, allowing golfers to hit the ball more precisely.

Is it legal to use a laser golf rangefinder for a golf tournament?

Yes. However, bear with me. You can bring a golf rangefinder, as well as other equipment, such as golf GPS devices, golf GPS watches, and even smartphone apps, to the tournament.

However, before playing, please examine and ask questions about the aspects that you are not permitted to use. You will be charged with breaking the law if you do not comply.

Slope, weather conditions reading, coach or trainer contacting, swing analysis, and play’s like or club suggestions are just a few of the services that big tournaments frequently prohibit players from using.

Be cautious and disable them so you can use your golf rangefinder more easily and conveniently.

Are cheap ones any good? 

The quality and performance of a low-cost rangefinder can be comparable to that of a high-cost rangefinder. The price does not always determine how good or awful a rangefinder is.

Before purchasing a rangefinder, you should prioritize your preference and then choose the finest one for your budget and demands. 

Do these magnify?

Because the target may be far away, magnification is essential for discovering and locating it. A magnification option is found on almost every rangefinder, allowing golfers to magnify and locate the target.

A 6x magnification system is used on most current golf rangefinders.