It may seem silly to stress the importance of getting the correct size golf shoe for your feet, but you’d be shocked at how often this happens. It’s crucial to remember that people’s feet come in a variety of sizes, not just in terms of length but also in terms of width.

Many of us have been in circumstances when our shoes were too thin for our feet, and it was an unpleasant experience, to say the least.

So it’s not a good idea to play golf with that feeling, which is why we’ve researched some of the best golf shoes for wide feet that are currently on sale.

Thankfully, most brands, such as FootJoy, Adidas, Ecco, and others, not only make the best golf shoes in the game, but they also make models expressly for those who need a wider fit.

As a result, we’ve looked at some of the top models that meet those requirements.

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Choosing the proper size of golf shoes is an important part of looking for the best golf shoes for wide feet. While most golf shoes should be the same size as your regular street shoes, this isn’t always the case. 

The best thing you can do is use a bannock or a size guide to make sure the shoes you’re buying are the correct size for your feet. Your golf shoes should be snug enough to prevent slippage by eliminating any spaces around your feet.

You also don’t want them to be so snug that they harm your feet. 

How to choose the right golf shoe width?

If you have broad feet, be sure the shoes you buy have the proper width for your feet.

While ordinary width (D) may be adequate for most people, you may require wide (E), extra-wide (EE), or triple-wide (EE) shoes (EEE).

Different brands cater to different widths, offering you a wide range of alternatives when it comes to finding the correct shoe.

ECCO and FootJoy are two brands that work well with wider feet, with sizes ranging from narrow to EEE, providing you plenty of options for the perfect fit. True golf shoes, on the other hand, have a natural foot form.

While they may not be as wide as other shoes, they give every shoe a bigger space around the toe box by default, preventing feet from being crushed.

Bunions can be avoided by doing so. New Balance is also known for accommodating wide widths.

Top golf shoes for wide feet

Skechers Performance Go Golf Drive 2 Golf Shoes

The Skechers Performance Go Golf Drive 2 shoes are a great option if you need a golf shoe that not only fits your wide feet but also suits your budget. They have a dynamic and athletic look.

If you just look at them, you wouldn’t think they’re golf shoes. A lace-up function is also included in their design.

The H2GO Shield is also included in the design to help keep water out of the shoes, which is especially useful if you’re playing in wet conditions. The Drive 2 shoes include a flexible grass-cleated outsole for a more secure tread.

The lining of the shoes is breathable and moisture-wicking, yet they will not be as breathable as other golf shoes because they are synthetic.

In the insole, you’ll find Goga Mat Technology, which offers excellent cushioning. Thus, you can expect a comfortable experience with this one.


  • Breathable
  • Sturdy traction plate
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Side perforations for a cooler wear
  • Goga Mat technology cushioning


  • Not as breathable as other golf shoes

ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 GTX for Men

The Biom Hybrid 3 is widely regarded as the best golf shoe for people with wide feet, according to most players. Intermediate and advanced players will benefit from these high-quality golf shoes.

They offer your feet ample room to feel comfortable, allowing you to concentrate on your game.

The four dots on an ECCO golf shoe represent the company’s dedication to comfort, quality, design, and innovation. The robust, lightweight, genuine Yak leather used in these European-made golf shoes ensures exceptional comfort and longevity.

The arch’s low-top measurement ensures a comfortable fit and allows you to wear it for long periods. The Biom Natural Technology also increases comfort to the player’s experience by putting them closer to the ground via an anatomical last.

These sneakers also include Gore-Tex waterproofing, which keeps them breathable while protecting them from the elements. As a result, your feet will always be dry.

These sneakers have a replaceable antimicrobial footbed and a sturdy but flexible midsole for increased comfort. They have an ECCO Tri-Fi-Grip outsole that gives full support for your game in three aspects: durability, rotational stability, and durability.

Adidas Adipower Bounce Golf Shoes

Adidas is a well-known German sports shoe manufacturer, so it’s no surprise that they also produce top-of-the-line wide golf shoes. This style was designed with normal or wide feet in mind, so all you have to do now is choose the proper size.

They’re made to be extremely comfortable, with a bounce layer beneath your feet to allow you to spend hours on the course. Because the cleats are removable, you can replace them as necessary.

To add even more grip, Adidas has placed Adiwear traction around the cleats.

FootJoy Premiere Series Flint Golf Shoes

The Flint in FootJoy’s new Premiere Series is available in four-width variants, making it the ideal shoe for players with wide, or even super wide, feet. It has also made it into our list of the best spikeless golf shoes.

It’s simple to see why this modern twist on a classic has been a hit since its debut.

You won’t find anything more attractive, yet it’s also loaded with current functionality. The Ortholite EcoPlush Fitbed offers stability and comfort, and the shoes are nonetheless very comfortable, despite not being the softest-feeling shoes in the current FootJoy line.

While the sheepskin leather upper is comfortable to the touch, sturdy, and waterproof, the VersaTrax+ outsole provides good traction and is eco-friendly.

Under Armour HOVR Drive Wide Golf Shoes

The HOVR Drive shoe is one of the greatest solutions for golfers with wide feet, thanks to Under Armour’s E sizing technology.

Underfoot cushioning offered by HOVR foam, as well as new, lower profile Rotational Resistance spikes (RST 2.0) that maximize grip, make for a great fit. The Clarino microfiber upper is also breathable and waterproof, ensuring that your feet stay cool and dry at all times.

Finally, we believe the Drive is a very appealing shoe. The basic white with silver trim is elegant and goes with almost any outfit. These are unquestionably among the greatest Under Armour golf shoes available.

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Wide Shoes

The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour series is inspired by running shoes, and it’s made to be as comfortable as possible for all foot shapes.

The lightweight, breathable, and supportive Flyknit structure, as well as the Foam, cushioned neck, and Nike React technology, add to this.

The cleats, coupled with the various traction features surrounding them, give great grip in a range of ground conditions.

The foam cushioning was very comfortable; however, it is clearly tight around the Achilles to stabilize the heel, so keep that in mind while trying them on or testing them.

The large tongue part, as well as this, may take some getting used to.

They do, however, feel more like a performance golf shoe than a golf-specific trainer. They’re comfortable, but the essential thing is that you know the technology is there to assist you in swinging with confidence.

Finally, a thin, elastic membrane keeps water out and makes cleaning your shoes a breeze.

Brands and comfortable golf shoes for wide feet


Footjoy features a wide range of shoes, as the name suggests. Acushnet Holdings Company, an American company specializing in golf items, owns the Footjoy brand.

They are the leading manufacturer of golf shoes and gloves, with over 70 years of experience. There’s a ‘design my own’ option where you can make your own elegant shoe.

  • For men: FootJoy Men’s Superlites XP-Previous Season Style
  • For women: FootJoy Women’s Emerge-Previous Season Style


Adidas, one of the most well-known sporting goods companies in the world, was founded in Germany in 1924. Adidas has high-quality golf shoes for everyone, from recreational to professional players.

They are one of, if not the finest, manufacturers of high-quality, comfortable, and long-lasting golf shoes. Their pricing is greater than typical as a result of this, but it is worth it to me.

  • For men: Adidas Golf Men’s Tour360 Boost-M
  • For women: Adidas Women’s Adipure Sport Golf Shoe


Skechers is a reputable shoemaker with locations in 170 countries. It is mainly located in California. Skechers makes shoes as a lifestyle product, unlike the two firms mentioned above, which create shoes for competitive purposes.

However, this does not negate the fact that their golf shoes are high-performing. Style, innovation, quality, and comfort are all hallmarks of their footwear brand.

  • For men: Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Elite 2
  • For women: Skechers Women’s Eagle Spikeless

Things to consider for wide-footed players

Each golfer has a distinct swing and technique, as well as a distinct physical appearance. Wide feet are a common source of the difficulty. It’s not always easy to find the best golf shoes, but it’s critical for your comfort and performance on the course.

Even if you use a golf cart, you will still have to walk a considerable distance and spend a significant amount of time on your feet. Comfort, grip, and stability are all provided by the right shoes.

All of them are necessary for a successful round of golf.

Golf shoes for those with wide feet have the same length as regular golf shoes, but the forefoot width and toe box are bigger for added comfort.

Some shoes are naturally more comfortable for people with wide feet, while others are made specifically for them. The same fundamental guidelines of golf shoe choosing apply, with the exception of forefoot width and toe box room.

Make sure you have wide feet before looking at shoes designed exclusively for them.

In general, a higher instep and a thinner inlay are required. This will provide the extra width and toe area that bigger feet require for maximum comfort. You want to choose shoes that are both comfy and lightweight.


Having your feet measured is the best way to establish the need for wide-footed shoes. Professionals at a specialty shoe store are the go-to people for this.

They have the necessary tools and skills to provide you with precise measurements.

It is, however, possible to do it at home. Follow these simple instructions to make it yourself:

  • Put on the socks you’ll be wearing with your golf shoes.
  • Place one piece of paper per foot on the floor.
  • Trace your foot’s outline.
  • Measure the width of the widest region with a ruler.
  • Both feet should be measured because they can be somewhat different.
  • Check a size chart.

Remember that not all “large” feet are the same, so getting the right fit for support and comfort during your round is crucial.

Buyer’s guide


If you walk the course, as many of us do, comfortable shoes are essential. Even if you’re riding in a golf cart, you’ll appreciate the coziness.

Uncomfortable shoes will not only make the round uncomfortable, but they will also have a detrimental impact on your performance.

The design of the shoes, the technology employed, the materials used, and the quality of workmanship will all influence comfort.


The shoe’s insole is another item to consider. The part inside that contacts your foot or sock on the inside is known as the insole. Some insoles are removable, allowing you to widen your shoes as much as you want.

Some insoles are really painful and will not come out. Make sure the insole fits your needs, is extremely comfortable, and gives the necessary level of stability.


Your shoe’s outsole is equally important. While you may not have considered the outsole previously, you should do so now. The outside of the shoe should include all of the attributes you’d expect from a pair of golf shoes.

Rubber is used in some outsoles, which helps keep your feet as dry as possible. The outsole you need will not be made of the same material as the insole.


Between waterproofing and breathability, there is a tradeoff. The less a shoe can breathe, the more waterproof it is. Many shoes, however, combine a variety of materials and design elements to provide the best of both worlds.

If you want to stay dry and comfortable for the entire 18-hole round, you’ll need a high level of water resistance. Consider the typical environment in which you’ll be playing while making your decision.

Do you prefer playing in the sun or in the rain? To some extent, this should assist you in making a decision.


Golf shoes aren’t cheap. Golfers have to pay for clubs, accessories, balls, clothes, green fees, and a variety of additional charges. To prevent sacrificing any parts of the game, the budget must be balanced.

You want to get a pair of golf shoes that will last you many years of enjoyment on the course. The quality of the shoes, as well as the materials and workmanship used to make them, will determine this.

It’s sometimes worth it to invest a little more money on a pair of golf shoes that will last a long time.

Spiked or spineless?

Spiked golf shoes were the only option not long ago. Spikeless shoes have been increasingly fashionable in recent years. They are more comfortable and versatile, and they cause less damage.

Traditionally spiked golf shoes have been outlawed in many clubs. In damp weather or on tough slopes and terrain, spiked golf shoes provide outstanding grip and traction.

Spikeless shoes have improved to the point where they are nearly as effective as spiked shoes and provide excellent comfort and mobility. While both alternatives have advantages and disadvantages, spikeless golf shoes are by far the more common option these days.

Wide or extra wide?

The length of the foot, the ball width (the widest points on foot), and the instep girth all go into determining the width of the foot (the circumference of the instep). To assist you with the sizing, there are several sizing charts available online.

Are golf shoes really vital for the game?

New golfers frequently inquire whether they need to purchase golf shoes or if they can get away with wearing sneakers. Always put on a well-fitting golf shoe.

Not just for the sake of comfort but also for the sake of security. Unsuitable shoes or trainers might harm your feet and prevent you from achieving the balance you require throughout your swing.

When golfers use non-golf shoes, they significantly increase their risk of injury.

For a variety of reasons, finding the right golf shoes is even more vital if you have wide feet. Wearing golf shoes holds the following benefits:

  • Lower chances of tripping
  • Your feet will be better protected and cushioned as a result of the additional padding.
  • Comfort
  • Decrease ankle injuries
  • Breathability prevents sweating on your feet
  • Greenery is less damaged

Last words

Wearing golf shoes is a must. It does not only decrease your chances of acquiring injuries, but it can improve your overall game. In this article, we have narrowed down the best ones in the market today so you won’t have to.