Callaway produces some of the most sought-after drivers in golf. The persistent pursuit of innovation is what distinguishes Callaway drivers from their competition.

From Jailbreak stabilization to Flash Face technology, Callaway constantly seems to discover something new and intriguing. The fact that they have a team also speaks much about the caliber of their drivers.

Callaway drivers are used by tour veterans like Xander Schauffele, Phil Mickelson, and John Rahm.

If you’re ready to buy a Callaway driver, you owe it to yourself to look over our list of the top Callaway drivers on the market.

The best Callaway drivers

Now that we’ve covered the basics of the list, let’s go into some in-depth reviews of the drivers so you can choose the best Callaway driver for your game.

Callaway Rogue – The best choice for most golfers

The Callaway Rogue is at the top of our ranking because it offers more of what average players require: forgiveness, distance, and feel. This is a good lightweight driver that will feel comfortable in the hands of players of all ability levels.

The Callaway Rogue is available in lofts of 9, 10.5, and 13.5 degrees, and each model is adjustable within 3 degrees owing to the adjustable hosel.

The Rogue driver is also a few years older at this time and may be obtained for a lower price than usual.

This is a superb driver for mid and low-handicappers, but even beginners can learn to use the Callaway Rogue.


  • Excellent for increasing swing speed
  • Wide range of shaft options
  • Extremely adaptable
  • Excellent value


  • A little costly
  • Takes some effort to dial in the perfect loft

Callaway Mavrik Max – Best for high handicappers

The Mavrik Max is ideal for anyone who likes to fine-tune and shape their shots on various courses.

The Mavrik Max has a high-launching shot, making it quite usable. It produces considerable spin off the tee, but this also works in its favor.

The Mavrik has Project X EvenFlow Riptide 50 Graphite shafts, Project X EvenFlow Riptide 60 Graphite shafts, and UST Mamiya Helium Black 4 Graphite shafts. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align grips are standard in this model.


  • Extremely versatile
  • Produces a rich, pleasant sound
  • High lie angle


  • No Cyclone Aero head shape
  • Changing weights can be difficult

Callaway epic speed – Best for mid handicappers

The head’s Cyclone Aero form and the lightweight carbon crown produce a lot of clubhead speed.

The very thin face also aids in pushing the ball as fast as possible, while the Jailbreak bars help to steady the whole thing.

This is the driver for you if you want maximum distance from a lightweight driver. While it lacks the shot shape ability of our other entries, the Epic Speed will get you as far as you want to go on the fairway.

The Epic Speed is available in 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees lofts, with shafts from Project X Cypher and Project X HZRDUS Smoke and a grip from Golf Pride Tour Velvet, align.


  • Produces amazingly straight strokes
  • Has a high level of forgiveness
  • It is quite comfortable for quicker swing rates


  • Generates a lot of ball spin
  • Sounds a little thin

Callaway mavrik sub-zero – Best for low handicappers

The Mavrik Sub Zero has many characteristics in common with the Mavrik Max, such as Flash Face technology and Jailbreak internal ribbing. On the other hand, the Sub Zero has a more compact head and produces less spin off the tee.

This is the Mavrik if you enjoy a low, piercing ball trajectory. Two adjustable weights help you alter the launch angle as needed.

The Mavrik Sub Zero is available with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Gray grip and Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 60 Graphite, Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 70 Graphite, or Project X EvenFlow Riptide 50 Graphite shaft.


  • Good shot shaping capacity
  • Compactness
  • Produces good ball speed


  • Not ideal for high-launching drivers
  • Not ideal for slower swing speeds.

Callaway big bertha b21 – Most forgiving Callaway driver

At the halfway point of our list, we have one of Callaway’s most forgiving drivers. The Big Bertha is a huge giant that will instill confidence in newcomers and seasoned vets.

The Flash Face technology makes it easy to get the desired distance, even on off-center shots.

Internal draw bias weighting ensures that your shots fly straight. This is an excellent driver for anyone who struggles with distance and accuracy.


  • Produces little spin
  • Excellent launch angles
  • Helps in the prevention of slicing


  • Not the most user-friendly driver
  • A little time-consuming

Callaway x hot – Best budget driver

This is another Callaway driver designed for distance and forgiveness. While it is not the most recent model on the market, the X Hot driver remains a favorite among mid to high handicappers.

Using the adjustable hosel, you may square, open, and close the face as needed.

The Variable Face Thickness provides more forgiveness even on low-face shots, and the lie angle may be adjusted as needed.

The Callaway X Hot driver comes in 9 and 10.5 degrees lofts, with each type adjustable by 3 degrees. You can also select from Project X shafts and stock Callaway grips.


  • Very cheap
  • Excellent for novices
  • Produces a solid sound


  • Limited availability
  • It’s an older model from Callaway 

Callaway epic max – Best premium driver

The 17-gram changeable rear weight, which allows you to shape your shot as needed, is one of the nicest features of this driver.

Because of the ultra-thin, super-flexing SS21 face, this is a very adaptable driver that produces a lot of ball speed. The Jailbreak internal ribbing also helps to stabilize the thin face.

All this adds to a driver providing the alternatives you need to approach every hole or fairway obstacle. This would be an excellent driver for anyone seeking a decent balance of workability and distance.

A Project X Cypher or a Project X HZRDUS Smoke IM10 shaft is also available. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Black is the stock grip.


  • Excellent launch angle
  • Adjustable flying bias
  • The high degree of workability


  • Significant footprint
  • Expensive

Callaway epic flash – Best of all time

This was one of the first Callaway drivers to incorporate an AI-designed flash face, and it still compares favorably to current versions thanks to complementary features. The Epic Flash has a 16-gram movable rear weight that can be adjusted for a draw, fade, or straight flight bias.

Callaway’s Jailbreak internal ribbing mechanism connects the crown and sole to sustain the thin Flash Face. Internal weighting pulls the center of gravity (CG) downward for a pleasant swing and effective mechanics.

This is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a high-quality driver on a tight budget.

You can select from a Project X Even Flow Green, a Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue, or a Project X HZRDUS. Smoke shafts with lofts of 9, 10.5, or 12 degrees are available.


  • Adjustable loft degree
  • Custom shot-shaping
  • Reasonably priced


  • It takes a while to dial in
  • The face isn’t as thin as some later models

Callaway rogue d type – Best Callaway driver for a slice

Number 9 on the list is an excellent option for anyone who struggles with slices off the tee. The Callaway Rogue Type D has an internal and external weight that helps shift the center of gravity, promoting increased pull.

While this is a somewhat specific design component, it will come in handy if you have difficulty opening the face up at impact. Aside from that, we have some of the same industry-leading features seen on Callaway drivers, such as a big carbon crown and Jailbreak bars.


  • Improves accuracy
  • Allows for faster swings
  • Inside-oriented CG


  • Expensive
  • Limited Versatility

Taylormade sim max – Best of the competition

“Why is a Taylormade driver on the list of the greatest Callaway drivers?” we hear you ask. The explanation is that every experiment necessitates the use of a control.

In terms of features, the SIM Max is similar to many Callaway drivers.

For example, the Twist Face technology works similarly to Callaway’s Flash Face in that it flexes at more spots away from the sweet spot.

The adjustable loft sleeve is comparable to the OptiFit hosel used in Callaway drivers, except that it is only adjustable by 2 degrees rather than 3.

The SIM Max also has a carbon crown, but Taylormade has added a titanium inertia generator to the equation, which provides a little extra oomph to your drives.


  • Plays long
  • Has a quick pocket
  • Has a medium launch angle


  • No adjustable weight
  • Not very usable

Which driver should you buy?

For many years, Callaway has produced excellent drivers. The best one for your game will be a combination of something that gives you confidence, helps you create your best golf shots, and is within your pricing range.

Even if you do not purchase the most recent model, your game can improve regardless of the model you choose. 

Understanding which aspect of your existing driver is causing you problems is an excellent place to start looking for a replacement. Knowing which aspects of your golf ball’s trajectory and impact may be further adjusted can unleash distance and accuracy gains without requiring major swing alterations.

The ability to customize golf clubs to meet the needs of each player eliminates the need for you to have something that makes the game easier for you.

We must educate you on making better purchasing decisions and providing appropriate equipment. The best way to find out if something is right is to try it yourself and consult a professional club fitter.

Begin by selecting your preferred club head and dialing the right loft and center of gravity requirements.

Then, use a shaft that allows you to deliver the club with less effort and greater consistency. Finish the look with a grip that will help you connect with your new club and play better golf.

Thank you for reading, and please return soon to see our most recent reviews and buying advice.


Which Callaway driver is the most forgiving?

Callaway’s most forgiving driver is the Epic Flash model. The Epic Flash has a sliding weight along the back of the sole and a loft sleeve that can be used to reduce or increase loft.

The Epic Flash has a big sweet spot to reduce side spin and improve accuracy and carry. Players may rely on the club’s forgiveness with the Epic Flash to improve their swing flaws.

The most notable feature of the club is the rear weight, which allows the player to tailor their shot shape. If the golfer shifts his weight to either center side, the drive will have a draw or fade bias.

Which Callaway golf driver is the longest?

This is a tie between the Callaway Mavrik and the Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero. The former is a better option for all player profiles.

It has the fastest driving features and a Cyclone Aero design to reduce drag.

Mavrik Sub Zero, on the other hand, is for a superior golfing profile. It has a high MOI while also having a low spin. As a result, you can alter the trajectory.

Is Callaway better than TaylorMade?

Do Callaway golf drivers outperform TaylorMade drivers in terms of overall design and performance? I believe the former is superior.

We know this because we’ve tried both brands of golf clubs. Furthermore, Callaway club heads do not break or fly off the shaft as frequently as TaylorMade club heads.

How do I know which Callaway driver is best for me?

With so many amazing alternatives available, choosing the ideal one for golf might not be easy.

Pay great attention to the features and technologies the golf club provides and ensure that it is suitable for your handicap.

If you have a greater handicap, you’ll want more loft and a lower center of gravity. Feel, and workability will be more crucial for lower-handicap players.

Final thoughts

There is a lot to like about Callaway drivers, and now is a wonderful time to look at them because they will have something for every player.

You can’t go wrong with a Callaway driver, whether you’re a novice or seeking a tour-grade driver to improve your game.

Still, it pays to be selective, as your game demands will determine which Callaway driver is ideal for you.

So, take a careful look at the entries in our list and make an informed decision!