Have you ever experienced being on the course and having a terrific round with the same dirty muddy golf ball only to walk up and realize it was muddy, nasty, and possibly irreparable?

it’s a mistake to play with a dirty, unclean ball in today’s technology for ball flight and performance. Keeping the golf balls clean can occasionally boost your score, even if it does not interfere with your performance.

It’s crucial not only to maintain your golf balls clean but also your golf clubs. Your golf clubs will be stained if you hit a muddy golf ball, which can affect your swing.

Do you want to know how to clean your golf balls and equipment in the most efficient way possible? 

Best golf call cleaners

A cup design would be a better alternative if you have a golf cart and desire the ease of washing your dusty and muddy golf ball. The option to place it on a cart ensures that it is secure and accessible while on the golf course.

A more convenient pocket towel would be the greatest choice if you want to carry your ball cleaners and washers in your pocket or on your golf ball, so make sure you get the proper one.

These pocket golf ball cleaners are designed to hold moisture, so you won’t have to keep refilling your water bottle throughout the round. You may need to air dry your golf balls on occasion.

The value is determined by how strict you want your golf balls to be when it comes to cleanliness. Every golfer has a distinct preference for the best golf ball cleaner, and which one is the best depends on their preference and style of play.

Our recommendations

ProActive Sports Green Golf Ball Cleaner

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It’s a top choice on our cleaning solution golf list because it’s known as one of the most practical handheld ball washers a player can get today. It’s tough, fits in your pocket, comes in a number of colors, and is one of the most user-friendly washers.

This golf ball cleaner’s microfiber liner is extremely durable, and it not only cleans the ball but also helps to wick any water away.

The waterproof shell is an important feature that allows players to clean all day without getting their hands wet.

The fact that you can carry this golf ball cleaner in your pocket makes cleaning a breeze. This pocket ball washer ensures that you always have clean balls and clubs. Never forget to wipe your golf balls on the green with your towel, and never put them with a foul golf ball again. 

Club Cleans Kraft Golf Ball Cleaner

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Don’t be fooled by its antique appearance; this golf ball washer is one of the greatest ball cleaning solutions systems in the world. Club Clean is the best golf ball and club washer on the market.

The Kraft cleaner, dubbed “America’s Number One and Original Club and Ball Cleaner,” is difficult to beat. Most golf courses have this golf ball cleaner combination, and it is one of the preferred methods for professionals to clean their golf balls or clubs.

Even if it is slightly more expensive, it is the least you can pay for clean golf balls. Make sure you have it if you’re playing professionally.

You’ll never want to play a round of golf without it once you’ve cleaned your cart with Club Clean.

Ballzee Pocket

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Although this golf ball cleaner is meant to resemble a clam, we swear there is a reason for it. The soft internal material scrapes dirt and debris off the golf ball, while the hard external shell keeps a player’s hands dry.

This combination allows a player to wet the inside and keep it damp for the duration of the round, allowing them to wash their golf ball. This ball-cleaning solution is simple to use.

The washable and reusable mobile golf ball cleaner is a safe and effective solution to clean course chemicals, grime, and grass stains from your golf balls.

Mobile or portable golf ball washers are designed to be lightweight so that you can clean your golf equipment and transport it to the golf course with ease.


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Tired of carrying a damp towel from the tee to the green to clean your golf balls? Are you sick of wiping your clubhead on your pants? BallBrite is a simple solution that every golfer requires.

The BallBrite is an excellent solution for people looking for a portable, lightweight, small golf ball cleaning with numerous functions. This ball cleaner can be used to clean golf balls as well as polish iron cubs.

The golf balls are quite clean. One of the more distinctive features of this mobile golf ball cleaner is the anti-microbial interior substance, which ensures a more sanitary environment.

Golf balls are exposed to pathogens that we can’t possibly comprehend, and with all of the handling we do with them, having a golf ball washer is essential. In the long term, using clean golf balls can only benefit us. 

Frogger Amphibian

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This product has a very simple design, but it is one of the most popular pocket mobile golf ball washers on the market. A heavy-duty ball cleaner hangs from your golf bag and looks like a little terry towel.

The inside membrane of the Frogger golf cleaner stays moist throughout the round, while the outer keeps your hands dry.

The Frogger golf ball cleaner comes with a handy carabineer clip that keeps the ball clean while it’s attached to your golf bag or belt loop. Lightweight and small ball cleaner that is easy to transport throughout the golf course.


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The Twister transportable golf ball washer is ideal for players searching for a more heavy-duty, low-effort mobile compact golf ball cleaning.

Bristles are integrated into the inside of this “cup” shape. Simply pour water into the leak-proof shell and twist to rotate the ball against the bristles.

This portable golf ball cleaning is a terrific alternative for players who want a clean golf ball but don’t want to overwork their hands by doing all of the dirty work themselves. It’s one of the best golf ball cleaners on the market.

TribleA Pocket

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The TribleA Pocket, like the other devices on our list, has an efficient and to-the-point design. This portable golf ball cleaner is one-of-a-kind. This item is machine washable, which means it will always function as it did the first time you used it.

Just remember that even though it’s machine washable, you should let it air dry rather than put it in the dryer. It’s easy to use, and you can clean your golf balls and clubs anywhere with this device.

Swiss Ascent

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Some players argue that the Swiss Ascent portable golf cleaner is slightly better than the twist style we discussed earlier. Within the cup, there are three different sorts of bristles that are designed to last a long time.

The ball-shaped golf cover isn’t functional, but it’s a fantastic-looking addition to have hanging from your golf bag.

This product is very similar to the others on our list, but when it comes to value and price, it is an excellent choice. This ball cleaner is simple yet effective, with all of the essential design features, such as a wet microfiber liner and a watertight shell.

Golf ball washer

A golf ball washer is a piece of equipment that can be used to clean dirty golf balls, as the term implies. Every hole on a golf course usually has these washers. It not only keeps golf balls clean, but it also keeps their aerodynamic features for better shots.

A golf ball washer, in essence, stores soap and water in a hollow surrounded by soft nylon bristles and soap suds, with a plunger on top.

To clean the hard-dimpled surfaces on the shell where the dirt gathers, simply place the golf ball in the washer and repeatedly push the plunger down.

Disadvantages of a dirty golf ball

If you look closely, you’ll see that golf ball washers may be found in a variety of locations on a course, including the tee box, hole layouts, greens, benches, and even garbage cans.

This ensures that golfers have a clean ball before each hole. This is critical since a soiled golf ball can have a significant negative impact on your game. A foul ball has three major disadvantages:

Modified club contact

The sound that their clubs produce as they strike the ball is clearly understood by pro golfers. Dirt particles on the ball can change how the ball makes contact with the club, resulting in mishits.

Decreased distance and ball flight

Golf balls with dimples are specially designed to reduce air resistance. The ball’s flight and distance can be affected if the dimples are filthy because of air deviation.

Second, because a foul golf ball is heavier than a clean one, gravity will have a greater impact on it, resulting in a shorter distance.

Higher friction on the green

Dirt particles on the ball might cause the ball to roll more slowly on the green, affecting your close-range strokes.

Buyer’s guide


The design of the finest golf ball cleaner has a significant impact on the product’s overall quality. Most golf ball cleaners come with a carabineer clip for attaching to a golf bag or a trouser belt loop.

As a result, you’ll be able to transport them quickly to the course. There are ball cleaners that are significantly bigger and can clean golf club heads as well.

These typically attach to a golf cart or a clubhouse wall.


On and around the greens is where you’ll see the most advantage from a golf ball cleaner. Using a ball cleaner is a crucial part of ensuring that every piece of your golf equipment is working at its best during each and every round.

With golf ball cleaners, we’ll go over some of the finest techniques to clean filthy golf balls so that when you remove one from your bag, it’s a clean one.

When we analyzed golf ball washers, this was by far the essential factor, and we discovered that there are two popular methods for cleaning dirty golf balls golf ball cleaners and washers.

The first way to wash dirty golf balls is to use a hand or pocket ball washer towel, which allows you to keep your hand dry while the ball is being washed in the wet interior.

This is often constructed as a pouch and is an effective, simple to use, and convenient alternative for golfers to rapidly wash their golf balls.

The cup design is the second most prevalent type of golf ball washer. The golf ball is placed within a cup, and the interior brushes/bristles clean the ball by twisting or shaking the cup.

Some golf ball washers and cleaners can also be used to clean your equipment. When it comes to cleaning your golf balls, make sure you get the correct golf ball washers.


The materials utilized to make some of the best golf ball washers differ depending on the two most frequent designs. Microfiber, cotton, and polyester are used in the creation of a towel/pouch.

Microfiber is used in the interior of this golf ball washer because of its capacity to stay moist for hours and properly wash and clean the golf ball. These ball cleaners are simple to use and transport on the golf course.

Golf ball cleaners and washers come in a variety of cup designs, most of which are made of plastic and incorporate bristles or brushes. The golf ball washer, while simple and easy to use, can break if dropped.

Cleaning capability

Purchasing a golf ball washer is solely for the aim of having clean golf balls. As a result, you must assess the washer’s efficiency. The effectiveness is also influenced by design.

Poaching designs that are hung on the wall, for example, clean more vigorously.

Container versus pocket

Both types of cleaners are portable, but the pocket variety is more prevalent. The design is made up of pocket-shaped and sized cloth that you must wet in order for it to stay damp during your game of golf.

The outside surface manages to stay dry, preventing water from going into your pocket.

Without a doubt, this alternative is convenient to carry, compact, and effective at making your dirty golf balls sparkle like new. Container washers, on the other hand, are essentially chambers or cups with brushes inserted inside.

Put the golf ball inside, close the top, and rotate the entire contraption to cause the brushes to move inside and scrape away the dirt.

These washers take up more space than pocket cleaners, but they are more successful at cleaning mucky balls. And some of them require the use of screws, nuts, and other fasteners to mount or install.

Hook and strap convenience

With the pocket design, all you have to do is slip the product into your pocket and forget about it until the next time you need to clean golf balls.

These alternatives may also come with a hook so you can attach it to your golf bag or belt loop. The other type, the container-type washer, is obviously constructed with a strap or hook for convenient, quick access.

How to clean your golf balls

dirty golf ball

There’s no need to spit on them and then wipe your pants clean. This is how you accomplish it with the help of a ball washer.

Things you need

  • Golf ball washer
  • Dry and clean towel
  • A golf ball that needs some cleaning


  1. After pulling up the lid, place the dirty golf ball into the slot within the washing cup or chamber.
  2. The next step is to twist or pump up or down depending on the design of the golf ball washer. Scrubbing every piece of mud and grime off the ball is done with the help of water and built-in brushes.
  3. Pull up the lid and remove the golf ball, wiping it clean with a fresh, dry cloth once more.

More cleaning tips

Know when to clean

Do you know when it’s appropriate to use the cleaner/washer during a round of golf? Because if you end up cleaning your golf balls when it’s not allowed, that’s an extra stroke you don’t need.

Although carrying a portable washer is useful, you should know when it is appropriate to use it during your game.

Don’t use too much water.

How much water should be added to the golf ball cleaner in a pocket? Around 2 teaspoons should be enough. Anything more than that will very certainly cause your cleaner to leak.

Use the golf ball washer at home too.

Even at home, you can use the golf ball washer. This product will be used on the golf course, either during or after your round of golf.

However, it can be used at home as well. Consider cleaning your golf balls at home before heading to the course for your next round.

The best method to clean golf balls at home

If you come home from the course with a lot of dirty golf balls, you can quickly clean them with a large bucket and some dishwashing detergent. With a dry towel, wipe away any loose dirt.

Fill a large bucket with warm water to remove particularly tenacious stains. After that, pour in some dishwashing liquid. Depending on how many golf balls you’re cleaning, the amount will vary, but it’ll be around half a cup.

After that, immerse the balls for a couple of hours. After that, simply rinse them and air dry them. If there is still dirt, agitate it with a gentle toothbrush.

Metal bristles should never be used on a golf ball because they will harm the surface.

Removing Sharpie from a golf ball

Sharpie stains left by players will not come off with only water and soap. To safely remove them, you’ll need a specific cleanser. While there are commercial cleaners available, rubbing alcohol will suffice.

The permanent marker will disintegrate with 91 percent rubbing alcohol. It will also make the ball shine as if it were brand new. Simply soak a paper towel in alcohol and wipe the ball clean.

Overall, there are numerous methods for keeping your equipment clean. These cleaners and solutions keep your golf equipment and balls in tip-top shape so you can keep playing.

With the help of cleaners, even a small amount of dirt will not prevent you from earning your greatest score.


Is it possible to wash golf balls in the washing machine?

When it comes to cleaning a large number of golf balls, your washing machine is the most efficient instrument you have. It’s far superior to manually wiping and scrubbing them with a cloth or towel.

As a result, golf balls can be washed loose in the washing.

When it comes to dishwashing liquid or soap, any mild dishwashing liquid or dish soap will suffice. Vinegar, undiluted bleach, or ammonia can be used for deep cleaning.

Simply avoid mixing chemicals because this may cause the coating and general quality of the balls to deteriorate.

Is it okay if I use a golf ball washer instead of a towel?

It’s a terrific idea to replace a towel with a suitable portable washer or cleaner for golf balls. But bear in mind that after you’ve washed the ball, you might still need that towel to wipe it down.

During your round of golf, the towel can also be used to clean your golf equipment. After all, clubheads aren’t compatible with every golf ball washer.

Which golf ball washer is best for extremely dirty and soiled balls?

It’s the container-style washer that gets rid of mud and debris caking on golf balls. All thanks to the use of brushes in these cleaners, which literally scour all of the gunk from the golf balls’ dimples.

Is it possible to wash pocket golf ball cleaners in the washing machine?

You’ll have to check with the manufacturer to determine if the bag is machine-washable. In any event, please don’t put these pocket cleaners in the dryer unless you want them to get ruined.

Last words

When it comes to buying a golf ball cleaner, the most important factor to consider is its efficiency. Dishwashing liquid is even used in some cleaning solutions.

Most handheld golf ball washers are more than enough to keep your golf balls and clubs clean if you don’t mind putting in a bit more elbow grease.

Almost all golf ball cleaners are simple to use, and the majority of them are tiny and lightweight, making them convenient to transport. Players who own a golf cart can install one of the kits, which includes additional amenities such as a club head cleaner.

The golf ball will be faster, further, and more accurate if it is cleaner. Cleaning your golf balls on the green should be avoided, and you should clean your golf balls as you play.

So it doesn’t matter which golf ball washer you use; all that matters is that your golf balls are clean.