Golf is not the cheapest sport in the world. Costs can easily escalate, especially for beginners building their golf bags. From beginner golf clubs to drivers, you have to be careful, so you won’t go around wasting your money. 

In this article, let’s tackle the best cheap golf balls you can find in the market. If you’re interested, read on!

Best cheap golf balls

Callaway Supersoft

Callaway is a brand loved by golf enthusiasts. The company may be known for its premium products, but they also house golf balls at fair prices compared to its premium ones, such as the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls.

The Supersoft is durable, premium in performance, and cheap that’s why this is on top of our list.


  • Great distance with minimal sidespin
  • A great option for beginners and high handicappers
  • Low compression promotes balls speed and accuracy
  • An advanced dimple system decreases wind drag for better precision and control. 


  • Affordable
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Sturdy


  • None that we can think of!

Srixon Soft Feel

This is our best bet for beginners. It comes at a reasonable price while providing a soft feel. It houses a 71 compression which works great for players with a swing speed of 65-80mph. It improves driver distance and launches while minimizing side spin. 

This golf ball undoubtedly is one of the best in the soft distance ball category, and it’s great that it comes at a great price too! This also wins as our best pick for winter golf.


  • Softness promotes high spin for easy shot-stopping power
  • The 344-dimple system increases distance by decreasing wind drag and by raising the shot height
  • A great option for slow swing speeds


  • Cheap
  • Soft feel
  • Great performance


  • Other options may work well for more experienced golfers

Bridgestone E6

Any experienced golfer can vouch for this. It’s a great all-around golf ball without breaking the bank. It comes with a double dimple style which will largely decrease wind drag and will ultimately pave the way for higher speeds.

Mostly, we recommend this for mid to high handicappers!


  • Long distance
  • Soft feel
  • Top quality
  • Reliable


  • Cheaper alternatives

Vice Pro Soft

With Vice Pro Soft, you’ll get premium performance that gives you a good run for your money. It comes at a softer feel with a 336 dimple pattern for flight stability, regardless of the weather.


  • Great quality
  • Premium performance
  • Top design


  • On the more expensive side on this list

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

For distance seekers, this golf ball is the way to go. They launch higher and fly further. They come with larger and softer cores that will definitely add up to that speed.

The surface of this golf ball is made of Ionomer, which makes it thin and soft but definitely firm enough to give you good control. It comes in a 332-dimple hexagon design, so your golf ball will always fly straight while minimizing the drag. 

Take note, though, that this may not be the golf ball for you if you want some slice fixing since it has a high compression of 90, making it ideal for those with higher swing speeds. 


  • Thin ionomer cover
  • Large rubber core
  • Two-piece build
  • 332 hexagon dimples
  • High compression of 90
  • 12 balls per pack
  • Two color variants


  • Sturdy
  • Great distance
  • Easy to spot on the greens


  • Only the white variant comes at a cheap price

Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls

While Titleist is known for being a high-end brand, so you would expect that all the balls they offer are pricey. Thankfully, we discovered the Titleist Trufeel, which comes at a more affordable price tag.

Each golf ball comes in a two-piece construction with TruTouch core technology which simply means that its core is larger than usual. A larger core has the capability to give more spin and distance.

The cover of the ball is polyurethane which gives you more control over your play. It comes in a generous 376-dimple design that helps reduce air drag.


  • 3 color variants
  • 376 round dimples in varying depths and sizes
  • Two-piece build
  • TruTouch core technology
  • TruFit aerodynamics
  • 12 balls per pack
  • Low compression of 50-70
  • Side stamp design


  • Great distance
  • Soft feel
  • Easy to align
  • Great for slow to mid swing speed


  • Challenging to control on short shots

Taylormade Distance Plus

The name says it all: if you want distance without having to break the bank, this one’s for you. The Taylormade Distance Plus provides greater distance off the tee.

Its aerodynamic design provides low spin and high speed, which works great for those with high swing speeds.


  • 342-dimple pattern
  • Low spin
  • High speed
  • Great distance
  • Two-piece build


  • Trusted brand
  • Affordable
  • Aerodynamic design


  • May not work well for slow swing speeds

Vice Tour 2020 Golf Balls

If you’re a player with a high swing speed, these budget-friendly golf balls from Vice Tour are great ones to try out. Compared to other three-piece balls in the market, this comes at half the typical price tag.

It’s covered with Surlyn making it sturdy for longer use. It is designed with 392 big and round dimples for flight stability, lower air drag, and greater distance. It also gives off greater alignment.


  • Three-piece build
  • Thin Surlyn cover
  • Side stamp design
  • Mid compression of 70-80
  • Single color
  • 392 round dimples


  • Smooth and stable flight
  • Soft feel
  • Great distance


  • White color only

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

This 24-piece pack from Wilson features the brand’s patented Soft Core technology that adapts to a player’s swing speed. This means that you’re in for a greater distance with this one.

It also provides greater control and less spin. Each ball comes with an ionomer cover that increases longevity. Plus, you’ll have a couple of dozen golf balls for as low as $16!


  • Smart Core technology adapts to your swing speed
  • Less spin off the tee and more spin around the green


  • Not suited for more experienced players
  • “Ping” sound off the tea received different reviews
  • Less distance compared to pricier balls

Buyer’s guide

Two-, three-, or four-piece balls

Two-piece golf balls work best for beginners as they add distance and reduce spin. On the other hand, three- and four-piece golf balls are great for those with better control.

It’s with the help of modern engineering and technology that four-piece golf balls came to life. A four-piece variant holds a long flight but will stop quickly too!

Price point

Cheap golf balls are great options because these balls are easy to lose. Imagine having expensive ones only to lose them? Thus, opting for golf balls at lower price points is advantageous.


Durable golf balls will last you a long time, so you will be able to save money in the long run.


Don’t get us wrong, just because the balls we’ll list here are cheap doesn’t mean that they compromise performance. These balls still promote the most distance and ball speed.

USGA standards for golf balls

The United States Golf Association (USGA) criteria is a good basis to rely on when choosing your golf balls:

  • Symmetrically dimpled with even texture and no scratches
  • Spherical without any holes, dents, or spikes
  • Does not exceed 1.62 ounces in weight
  • Does not exceed 1.68 inches in diameter

Frequency of play

The more frequent you play, the more reason we’d recommend you to invest in higher-quality (and more expensive) balls. You can start with mid-range ones as you practice.


Golf balls come in five varieties, with one representing one layer. Each layer is made of either solid rubber, plastic, or liquid. Think about it this way: the more layers, the more distance, and the more control.

But, this comes with a price, so think about that. Beginners can start with two-layer golf balls and upgrade as their skills elevate.


USGA has a standard of 1.62 ounces or less when it comes to golf balls. Take note, though, that if a ball is lighter than 1.62, the play will have a different feel.


Spinning gives you absolute control. Spin dictates how easily the ball stops and where it actually lands. Too much spin, though, can be a barrier to potential distance.

Knowing how much a ball spins will allow you to adjust your game.


The feel is how the ball feels once the player hits it with a club. It largely affects the drive and range of the play. For this one, it’s best to check user reviews!

Comparing cheap golf balls vs. expensive ones

Of course, you can’t expect a cheap golf ball to perform like the expensive ones. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have great-performing balls without breaking the bank.


Usually, expensive golf balls have more than two pieces of build. The more pieces, the greater the speed. 


The higher the price tag, the more functional the golf balls are. Most of the more affordable options focus on one function, either distance or spin. 


Of course, cheap golf balls will save you money. There are various ones to look into, and not having all the cash to spend should not stop you from elevating the game. Practice is key!


How much do cheap balls cost?

Beginning to intermediate golf balls typically ranges around $10-$40 a dozen.

Should beginner golfers play using two-piece golf balls?

Yes, we highly recommend two-piece golf balls for beginners since these provide more distance, something every beginner needs.

Two-piece golf balls are made of a one-material inner core with a harder cover to decrease the risk of cuts and chips. Additionally, these are cheaper too!

Do multi-piece golf balls hold more spin than two-piece ones?

Yes, multi-piece golf balls spin more and faster due to their construction. Usually, a multi-piece golf ball has an outer layer that’s softer and more accessible in terms of the wedge’s grooves’ texture.

This enhances overall spinning and gripping. For the same reason, multi-piece golfers are the best choice for advanced golfers.

What can golf ball characteristics aid my short game?

Look for golf balls that are multi-piece in the inner core with a softer outer cover. You may also look into the combination of a new golf ball and new wedges for greater accuracy and precision.

On the other hand, two-piece golf balls are cheaper, but they don’t stop quickly on the greens.

What are the best affordable golf balls?

For beginner golf balls, the Callaway Supersoft easily wins. But if you’re particularly in need of more distance, try the Taylormade Distance Plus.

Now, if you’re all for that premium feel without breaking the bank, the Vice Pro Soft is worth looking into.