A tall golfer holds some pros and cons. We’ll examine how this attribute can affect a tall guy’s play and what driver can help elevate the game.

To start, I believe that being tall is more of an advantage than a hindrance when it comes to golf. Here, let’s talk about how one can improve the overall play.

Top choice drivers for taller golfers

TaylorMade M1 Driver

The M1 is a sophisticated driver boasting all the needed attributes to maximize play with an adjustability option to accommodate taller golfers. The crown is made of carbon fiber which makes it lightweight. Movable weights allow manipulation of the center of gravity to improve launch and direction. Also, the weights operate independently since they work on two separate tracks.

It comes in a sleek lattice design which helps in weight reduction. It is made of white titanium front face to help with alignment. This driver is impressively put together with a full 270 variable options from the weights alone. Isn’t that amazing?

It doesn’t end there: the adjustable hosel gives 12 more loft options! With this, it’s easier to fine-tune your swing speed and type. To say that this club is forgiving is an understatement. 


  • Adjustable to accommodate swings speed and style
  • Sleek design
  • Highly forgiving
  • Great distance


  • On the pricier end

Titleist 917 Driver

Another highly flexible option is this one from the Titleist. It allows you to enhance the drive and the swing. The head design promotes fast ball speeds and forgiveness, thanks to its improved Active Recoil Channel and the Surefit CG.

This driver is great for you, no matter your experience level. The loft and lie are easily adjustable to promote optimal ball flight. There are various head and shaft options for you to choose from. 


  • Adjustable
  • Promotes great distance


  • On the pricier side

Cobra King F6 Driver

The Cobra King F6 boasts game-improvement technology and great adjustability. It’s easy to use and understand. The adjustable hosel is branded the MyFly8, allowing loft options from 9° to 12°.

Loose from 3 draw settings to shape the slots, and it has movable sole weights to let you adjust the center of gravity for that optimal shot. Overall, this will help you fine-tune your swing. The different face thicknesses and speed channels improve the transfer of power and the speed of the ball for that maximum distance while still being forgiving. 


  • Forgiving
  • Great distance
  • Great adjustability


  • The shaft may feel whippy for faster swingers

Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver

The huge sweet spot of the Classic XL makes it extremely forgiving. The center of gravity also works to maximize accuracy. The variable face thickness also paves the way for enhanced ball speed and distance. Plus, it comes with an adjustable hosel too!


  • Greatly forgiving


  • Some say it’s too light


The X-Metal is the most lightweight on our list, weighing only 44 g. A light driver means you can put the momentum into speeding up your swing rather than lifting it. And a faster swing allows for further distance too. 

On top of that, this one also holds the highest loft on our list, with a lift of 14 inches. This means that it fits higher! Contrary to what you might think, given the weight of this driver, the club head is 460cc.

This is also one of the cheapest models in this article. While this does not stop all the categories, it still is a well-rounded driver you may want to consider.


  • Lightweight
  • 460cc clubhead
  • Highest loft
  • Cheap


  • Jack of all trades, master of none

What to look for when buying drivers for tall golfers

Most golfers use a standard club set and adjust for them. This can be problematic for someone on the taller side as it will compensate for the swing, hurting the player’s habits and overall game. It may even lead to knee problems and back strain. So it’s best to have your clubs professionally fitted if you’re larger in height than the others. 

Shaft length

There are more considerations required other than getting one with a longer shaft. The player’s arm, leg, and torso length should also be considered. One should also look into the stand and stoop of the player. Greater hand-to-head distance increases the swing weight significantly. Also, a shaft that’s too long can make the driver feel off balance leading to poor control. 

Club head size

The limit of a club head is 460 cubic centimeters (cc). This site is quite the sweet spot that helps reduce mis-hits while providing the most distance.

The flexibility of the shaft

A flexible shaft does not fare well with longer shafts. Thus, if you’re opting for a longer shaft, it should at least be stiff.

Lie angle

The lie must be adjusted since tall golfers typically have an upright stance during the game. Otherwise, this can result in a poor direction.

Weight of the head

Again, a lighthead works best for a longer shaft.


Since longer shafts reduce control, the bigger sweet spot can make the compromise. This allows fewer errors should the golfer fail to strike the dead ball center.

Center of gravity

The center of gravity is that exact point where the weight is balanced. If a driver’s center of gravity is towards the club’s back, the backspin rate will be higher and ultimately increase distance and accuracy.


There are adjustable clubs to help improve the loft and center of gravity. A twistable collar near the club is manipulated for adjustment. There are also club heads with weight slugs that are removable to change the center of gravity to your preference.


How many drivers do I need?

Professionally speaking, a bag can carry 14 clubs. But having one club that works for you should be enough. Some professional players carry a couple of drivers: one for shot-shaping and another for maximum distance. But for beginners, this is not a necessity.

How often should I buy a driver?

Generally speaking, a driver should last you about two to four years with proper care and accurate fit. But of course, various factors can come into play, such as frequency of play, skill development, budget, and play style change. 

Last thoughts

There’s more to choosing a driver than the player’s height, but it sure is one of the things that should be largely considered. If in doubt, you should talk to a professional so you won’t have to waste your money on buying the wrong things. Remember, a driver with an accurate fit can last you for a long time!