1. Keep your sense of humor. There’s enough stress in the rest of your life not to let bad shots ruin a good game you’re supposed to enjoy.Amy Alcott
  2. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. = Anonymous
  3. Golf is good for the soul you so mad at yourself you forget to hate your enemies. Will Rogers
  4. In golf life it is the follow through that makes a difference.Anonymous
  5. The worst day of golf beats the best day of work.  – Anonymous
  6. Life is better when you’re golfing.  – Anonymous
  7. Success in this game depends on strength of body than strength of mind and character.  – Arnold Palmer
  8. Concentration comes out of a combination of confidence and hunger.  – Arnold Palmer
  9. I have a tip to take 5 strokes off anyone’s game … It’s called an eraser.Arnold Palmer
  10. Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.Arnold Palmer
  11. Putting is like wisdom partly a natural gift and partly the accumulation of experience.Arnold Palmer
  12. Track and field is tougher physically, but golf is tougher mentally.  – Asher Eaton
  13. As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.Ben Hogan
  14. The most important shot in golf is the next one.   – Ben Hogan
  15. I have found the game to be, in all factualness, a universal language wherever I traveled at home or abroad. – Ben Hogan
  16. A good player who is a great putter is a match for any golfer. A great hitter who cannot put is a match for no one. – Ben Sayers
  17. The only thing a golfer need is more daylight.  – Ben Hogan
  18. He that can have patience can have what he will.  – Ben Franklin
  19. Placing the ball in the right position for the next shot is eighty percent of winning golf.Ben Hogan
  20. Golf is not a game of good shots. It’s a game of bad shots.  – Ben Hogan
  21. The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course.   – Billy Graham
  22. Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course: The distance between your ears.Bobby Jones
  23. Golf is not, on the whole, a game for realists. By its exactitudes of measurements it invites the attention of perfectionists. – Heywood Hall Broun
  24. Everybody can see that my swing is homegrown. That means everybody has a chance to do it. – Bubba Watson
  25. It’s about hitting the ball in the center of the club face and hitting it hard.  Bubba Watson
  26. Golf’s three ugliest words … Still your shot.  Dave Marr
  27. Golf is a science, the study of a lifetime, in which you can exhaust yourself but never your subject.  – Dave Forgan
  28. A routine is not a routine if you have to think about it.Davis Love Jr.
  29. I’ve taken up golf … or golf has taken me up. – Dennis Farina
  30. Hit the shot you know you can hit, not the one you think you should. – Dr. Bob Rotella
  31. Acting is like golf: Analysis leads to paralysis.  – Peter Falk
  32. A good golfer has the determination to win and the patience to wait for breaks. Gary Player
  33. I know I am getting better at golf because I am hitting fewer spectators. – President Gerald Ford
  34. Golf gives you an insight into human nature, your won as well as your opponent’s.Grantland Rice
  35. It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon at the golf course.  – Hank Aaron
  36. For this game you need, above all things, to be in a tranquil frame of mind.  – Harry Vardon
  37. While playing golf today i hit two good balls … I stepped on a rake. – Henry Youngman
  38. The best quick tip in golf is to focus on your rhythm and balance. – Hal Irwin
  39. If you think it’s hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball. – Jack Lemmon
  40. Resolve never to quit, never to give up, no matter what the situation.  – Jack Nicklaus
  41. It’s emotional highs and lows in the game of golf.  – Jason Day
  42. Sometimes the biggest problem is in your head. You’ve got to believe. – Jack Nicklaus
  43. In golf, “close” is like the north and south rim of the Grand Canyon. – Johnny Miller
  44. The value of routine; trusting your swing.  – Lorii Myers
  45. Golf is a good walk spoiled.Mark Twain
  46. It’s good sportsmanship to not pick up lost golf balls while they are still rolling. – Mark Twain 
  47. Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.  Napoleon Hill
  48. Golf is a game in which you yell “fore”, shoot six, and write down five. – Paul Harvey
  49. I’ve always said, the harder the golf course, the better I play.  – Paula Creamer
  50. The object of golf is not just win. It is to play like a gentleman, and win. – Phil Mickelson
  51. One thing that golf teaches you is humility. Robert Wagner
  52. Of all the hazards, fear is the worst.  – Sam Snead
  53. If I have to believe in myself. I know what I can do, what I can achieve. Sergio Garcia
  54. Forget your opponents; always play against par.  – Sam Snead
  55. I always think under par. You have to believe in yourself.  – Sergio Garcia
  56. I get to play golf for a living. What more can you ask for, getting paid for doing what you love.  – Tiger Woods
  57. Achievements on the golf course are not what matters, decency and honesty are what matter. – Tiger Woods
  58. Achievements on the golf course are not what matters, decency and honesty are what matter. – Tiger Woods
  59. I’m addicted. I’m addicted to golf. – Tiger Woods
  60. Golf will grow so long as it’s fun.  – Tom Watson
  61. The game of golf is fragile and I respect that. I think it’s a mirror image of life itself.   – Steve Stricker
  62. I just played, and I played my heart out.  Lee Trevino