A golfer may understand what they are meant to be practicing, but being able to swing correctly without the constant supervision of a professional is extremely hard.

However, with the following simple drills, a golfer may groove better mechanics, knowing that the swing they are practicing is correct.

Starting with the grip, the first part of the golf swing chain reaction, practice these drills and start to hit the golf ball better.

Drill to Improve the Golf Grip

Most golfers misunderstand the importance of the grip and consequently do not spend time perfecting it. However, learning to grip the golf club correctly is vital if a golfer wants to improve.

A good grip allows the arms to hang naturally from the shoulders. Only with a good grip will the arms be in a position to move the club correctly away from the ball in a smooth one-piece takeaway.

To check whether the grip is correct, carry out the following drill.

  • Take up the stance, and when ready to hit the ball, lift up the arms in front of the body to shoulder height.
  • If the arms are in the correct position, a golfer would be able to balance a club on their forearms.
  • A good grip will mean a line drawn across the forearms in the address position points directly at the target.

Simple Drill to Improve a One Piece Takeaway

With the hands placed on the club correctly, the arms will be in a position to work with the shoulders enabling a coordinated one-piece takeaway. To make sure everything works together, carry out the following drill.

  • Take up the address position and place a ball directly behind the club instead of in front.
  • Make a backswing and simply roll the ball away from the target.
  • If the hands are too active or the arms move incorrectly, the ball will roll no distance.
  • Only by making a coordinated turn with the shoulders, arms and hands will the ball roll away correctly.

As a golfer turns at the start of the swing, the club should travel slightly round the body on an inside swing path. Consequently, the ball should move slightly behind the golfer and not in a direct line away from the target.

Drill to improve Backswing Mechanics

Once a golfer has learned to sweep the club correctly away from the ball, a good backswing can be achieved if they continue to turn and allow the arms to swing freely up to the top.

Use this simple drill to perfect the backswing and downswing plane.

  • Take up the golf stance but instead of separating the feet, keep them together.
  • Start off with half a swing remembering to sweep the club away from the ball correctly.
  • Hit several shots simply trying to maintain balance.
  • When the strike of the ball improves, start to lengthen the swing, so the shoulders are fully turned on the backswing.

This drill will make sure the golfer maintains the spinal angle set at address, which will ensure the correct plane of the backswing and downswing.

This drill may sound too easy to help improve a golf swing, but it is probably the most important drill a golfer can practice.

Simply hit balls until a good balance is maintained right to the finish – then start to widen the stance inch by inch until the feet are separated the normal amount.

Hit Better Drives and Crisp Irons with these Simple Drills

These simple drills will help a golfer improve swing mechanics and enable them to hit balls at the range without worrying the wrong moves are being practiced. These drills automatically improve the following aspects of the swing;

  • The grip
  • One piece takeaway
  • Swing Plane
  • Keeping the head still
  • Correct Shoulder turn
  • Smooth downswing transition
  • Stable legs at Impact
  • Balanced finish position