Stop Cutting the Golf Ball by Moving Head Down on the Golf Downswing

Most golfers who slice are willing to try anything to stop cutting the ball from left to right in the air. The first thing they normally try is starting the downswing with the hips to pacify the shoulders, but if that fails, they try anything that is suggested to them.

Of course, it’s right to experiment, but if a golfer believes in the rule of cause and effect, then there is a more effective way to stop slicing than working slowly through a random selection of tips.

A Slice Swing Causes the Head to Move

  • When a golfer who slices starts the downswing, the left shoulder opens too quickly, pulling the swing onto the outside. As the shoulders open, the head is also pulled round and up. This head movement is a cause of the shoulders spinning open too fast. By changing the way, the head moves, it is possible to alter the way the shoulders open. If you have tried stopping a slice by working on the hips and the lower half of the body, it’s time to try curing the slice with a new approach and a different head movement.

Stop Cutting the Ball by Moving the Head Down

  • There are two alterations a golfer has to make to stop a slice by concentrating on the head.
  • Firstly, they have to alter the head position at the address to help anchor the swing line.
  • At the address, a golfer should have their left cheek looking towards the ball. This sets the head behind the ball, which is correct. This head in this position acts as an anchor, and if you can retain this angle as the downswing starts, it will help the swing stay on the inside.
  • A golfer should also work on moving the head down during the downswing to stop slicing.
  • Most good golfers lower the head at the beginning of the downswing. Much criticism has been directed towards Tiger Woods recently for letting the head move down too much, but certainly, most golfers who attack the ball from the inside lose height in the downswing.

Practice New Head Movement

  • Before a golfer hits any balls with a new move, they should have practice swings first.
  • Using a seven iron take up your address position around an imaginary ball, making sure your left cheek is looking at the ball.
  • Make a backswing retaining this head angle but when you start down, not only retain the head angle but see if you can let the head drop down an inch.
  • This will be a very strange feeling at first but altering the way the head moves will definitely have an influence on the shoulders. Instead of spinning open, the new head movement will make them stay squarer for longer and will enable the golfer to attack the ball from the inside.
  • Keep the head back and down to stop slicing.