Play Golf Correctly, Learn Good Swing Mechanics and Technique

From the very first day someone hits balls at a golf range, certain fundamentals start to become grooved.

It is incredible how fast habits are picked up, and if someone grips the club badly the first few times they play golf, it becomes increasingly difficult to change to a more orthodox grip.

Because the golf swing is a chain reaction, if the basic fundamentals of the stance and grip are not mastered, it becomes extremely difficult to hit the ball well.

It is a sad fact that many beginners give up golf in the first year because they fail to get better. Learn to play golf properly, in a structured way, and reap the dividends of steady, consistent improvement.

Learn to Play Golf Properly

  • Because golf is a chain reaction, it is imperative to learn in a structured way. Following is a list of basics a new golfer needs to master and a brief reason why they are important.
  • The Grip – your hands ultimately guide the golf club during the swing. Most professionals believe the grip is the most important aspect of learning a good golf swing.
  • The Stance and Aim – it might seem obvious that aim is important, but most golfers who have not started correctly aim poorly. Without aiming the swing in the right direction, it is impossible to hit the ball consistently.
  • The Takeaway – starting the swing off in the right way is more difficult than one expects. Not only is the takeaway responsible for the line of swing, but also, a good takeaway sets up a smooth tempo for the whole action.
  • Top of Backswing – setting the club correctly at the top of the swing gives the golfer the best chance of delivering a powerful, accurate blow into the ball. If any mistakes have been made early in the swing, the top of the backswing pause gives the golfer a chance to adjust.
  • The Downswing – all the good work so far in the swing can be undone on the downswing. A fast, jerky motion will throw the club offline, but smooth acceleration into impact will hit the ball powerfully and accurately. Learn to time the downswing for consistent golf.
  • The Follow Through – even if mistakes have been made, rather than quitting on the shot, if a golfer can force themselves into a good finish position, the ball will normally stay on the fairways.

Learn Good Swing Mechanics and Technique

  • The lessons above are vital to master if you want to play golf well. Individually they are not difficult to groove but putting them together in a smooth full swing takes time.
  • If you’re not a member of a golf club, the best way to get started is to work your way through a course of lessons you find on the Internet.
  • Be patient and allow time to learn properly. Any golfer who learns in a structured way will groove sound mechanics and technique and will inevitably enjoy the game much more.