Golf is more than just a club and a ball. The best shots are produced by properly sandwiched balls and the golfer’s club stroke.

So, what distinguishes some golf balls from others? Their composition, or what they’re made of, is the solution.

Hardness, cover material, and game length are all factors to consider when selecting the golf ball that will help you hit your highs. A variety of factors influence the ball’s performance. But how do you decide?

Remember that it is critical not only to purchase high-quality golf balls but also to maintain them clean. Give yourself a competitive advantage whenever possible. Our essay here goes into great detail.

Here is a list of some of the best golf balls for high handicappers that we have compiled.

Best High Handicappers’ Favorite Golf Balls

These are some of the greatest golf balls for high handicappers.

TruFeel golf ball by Titleist

Compared to its predecessor, the latest TruFeel incarnation promises increased driver distance.

Titleist accomplished this by reformulating the core to include additional speed-generating elements. As a result, driver ball speeds are increased while spin remains low to maximize distance.

Because of its low compression core and high spin-producing TruFlex cover, the Titleist TruFeel is our pick for the best greenside control golf ball. The TruFeel, with its aerodynamic cover, maximizes distance without sacrificing feel or responsiveness.

The best attribute of the ball is its superb greenside control. The ball provides an excellent feel and exquisite touch on putts, chips, and pitch shots.

The high spin also aids in the stabilization of flop shots and challenging shots from the rough and sand.

It’s a solid ball that booms from the tee and with long irons. It provides a high ball flight, allowing you to stop the ball on the greens effortlessly.

The TruFeel, like other distance golf balls, is a two-piece ball designed to help a slower swinger get the ball further down the line. One of the longest golf balls available, with the Titleist name on it, and that title comes with the caveat that the ball is HARD.

So expect high-pitched strikes and long rollout on your shots for extra distance.

The aerodynamic qualities of the cover have also been modified to aid in the long-game distance. Beginners looking to play golf’s best ball brand now have an enhanced Titleist all-rounder at a reasonable price.

White, optic yellow, and matte red are all available.


  • The most affordable alternative from golf’s leading ball manufacturer.
  • It excels at full iron shots in particular.
  • Tour-level distance performance for slower swingers at an affordable price.
  • Straight drives require minimal spin on driver shots.
  • A nice side decal for setting up your shots.
  • The cover is really durable.


  • Not the spiniest ball around the greens

 Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1x

The Pro V1 and V1x golf balls from one of the top-rated golf ball manufacturers are now available. They’ve focused more on ball speed and distance-related improvements this time around.

The distance traveled by the ball is increased by making the casing layer under the shell thicker, which is 14 percent on the Pro V1 and 11 percent on the Pro V1x. Aside from that, the outer cover is 17 percent thinner.

All of this contributes to the ball’s performance. The ball’s core is also redesigned to provide more speed and less spin while retaining feel and compression, particularly with the iron core.

On the other hand, the control is unaffected by these changes, making it a “Drop-and-StopTM Short Game Control.”

The V1x has a high trajectory and a little long game spin. V1 is three layers thick, while V2 is four layers thick, and both have a very soft feel and control throughout the field. Furthermore, a new snappy yellow version of both is now available.

This results in faster travel and long-range control for the best short-game control. We included it in our list of the best golf balls for high handicappers.

Designed for short-game control, long-range, and speed, this item is the greatest in every way. Without a doubt, this is why they are regarded as the best in the world.


  • Extraordinary Length
  • Full shots with a high trajectory
  • Thermoset Urethane Elastomer Cover System Brand’s distinctive “Drop-and-StopTM Short Game Control” provides durability.
  • Allows for complete spin control.
  • The earth is sticky.


  • The price point that is over average
  • Specifically designed for faster-swinging players.

Callaway Chrome Soft & Soft X

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls resemble little soccer balls, and this isn’t only for aesthetic sake. This design improves the ball’s focus and visibility on the ground and even in the air, allowing you to keep your eyes on the ball at all times.

It delivers higher launch and lowers spins because of its new 34% bigger core. Its outer core is thinner and stronger, strengthened with Graphene, resulting in more wedge spin.

The ball’s improved speed and spin rate result from its four-piece design and the core’s Dual SoftFast technology.

The Dual SoftFast Core, which allows for minimum compression, is made of high-tech graphene.

This produces a long, straight flight with an exceptionally soft feel. Its high spin is due to its robust core with a layer of urethane, making it appropriate for high handicappers.

This is accompanied by a new High-speed mantle system comprised of a proprietary ionomer blend for increased efficiency and quicker ball speeds. The ultra-low compression core of these balls provides on-point accuracy.

Chrome Soft X is similar to Chrome Soft but with a stiffer feel and shorter driver spin. It is believed to have a range of up to seven yards longer.

Both are available with or without the Triple Track alignment system and in four other colors: lime, tortoise, orange, and standard white. This will enhance visibility.

This is, in my opinion, one of the greatest high handicapper/s golf balls on the market.

With the upgrades, this Chrome Soft and Soft X check out all you need to start enhancing your course performance quickly.


  • Allows for simple distance
  • Excellent for beginners.
  • A straight flight
  • Available in a variety of vibrant colors
  • Soft golf balls
  • like soccer balls
  • more control over shots
  • For longer distances, use low compression.
  • Focus and vision on the ground and in the air have been improved.


  • On the green, this isn’t a great touch.
  • Not very long-lasting (thin cover scuffs easily)
  • The color fades with time.
  • A bit pricey

TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x

This 5-layered structure has a unique “High-Flex Material,” which aids in increasing ball speed through a larger rebound impact.

This material behaves like a tightly wound spring, storing energy and swiftly returning it, resulting in increased ball speed.

Also, the cover around the center of the ball is 30% stiffer and more durable. Although the outer two layers are not as sturdy as their previous versions, this one benefits from the redesigned structure, which has 332 dimple covers and provides greater control.

Because of its 3-layer core, this has a compression rating of 87. The control provided by these finest golf balls for high handicappers is extremely outstanding. We believe it is due to the gradient layering, which helps the ball disperse striking energy more uniformly and lowers spin.

It’s known as the “Tri-Fast Core,” providing maximum carry distance with minimal drag force.

This TaylorMade ball is one of my favorites.

It boasts a lot of compressions, so players with faster swing rates will benefit the most from it. It also results in a higher ball flight.


  • Spin rates have been optimized as a result of improved design.
  • Excellent launch angle
  • Stuffed layers increase speed.
  • The HFM (High Flex Material) material extends the range.
  • The flight was direct.


  • Pricey

Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star X

This one is for all of you golfers that need a lot of spins. The multilayered mantle, all-new “FastLayer” core, and 4th Generation Spin Skin with SeRM work together to maximize overall shape control parameters and stopping power.

It has a 338 Speed Dimple Pattern that decreases drift and increases total distance, allowing it to fly straight even in the strongest winds.

As a result, this might be a very good selection for regular practice, providing the best from its specifications.

The multilayer mantle incorporates revolutionary “Energy Gradient Growth Cover” technology, which means that the softness of the layers varies between them, resulting in lower spin and faster ball speeds.

Aside from that, many experts consider this Srixon ball the best golf ball for high handicappers.

It provides great greenside control as well as distance. Without a doubt, the best Srixon ball for high handicappers.


  • Softer, Feel your way around the green.
  • a long-distance
  • accelerated ball speeds
  • Increased Game Performance
  • Its medium compression makes it appropriate for medium swing speeds.


  • Excessive long-game spin may occur in fast swingers.
  • The cost is more than typical.

 Titleist DT TruSoft 

The DT TruSoft golf ball has a newly redesigned core and minor technological advancements, making it Titleist’s greatest iteration of the series to date.

It outperforms its forefathers in terms of both value construction and performance. And is regarded as the softest in the Titleist family.

It has the softest feel with the putter because it is made with an ionomer cover and TruFlex Technology.

The 372 smaller tetrahedral dimples on the Titleist Trusoft balls beautify the outermost layer of these balls and improve the product’s aerodynamic performance.

The TruTouch core-based technology, incorporated in the 2-piece assembly, is more trustworthy for most high handicappers since it has low compression, which aids in longer shots and lower spins.

Because the ball is a two-piece, the cover and core are the only components of the golf ball.

For TruSoft, this means that what happens on the inside determines what happens on the outside. As a result, the structure at the heart of the golf ball has been overhauled and reinvented by the firm.

The TruCore was designed with low compression in mind. That is, the DT TruSoft’s center is designed primarily for low swing speeds requiring distance assistance.

This falls squarely within the category of the high handicapper.

Titleist introduces the DT TruSoft to golfers looking for a long-lasting and trustworthy two-piece golf ball.

It all starts with the TruSoft golf ball center.

Looking for Titleist-level performance, durability, and speed at a reasonable price? This is just the product you require.


  • Compression is low.
  • Because of the minimal compression, it is simple to maximize distance.
  • Durable
  • Short game spin is really high.
  • Price is reasonable.


  • Players with above-average swing velocity should avoid this product.
  • On the green, you have less control.

 Bridgestone Tour BX

The ball has a soft cover that improves its feel and lowers spins, thanks to its unique REACTIV cover and SlipRes technology.

Furthermore, the gradation core compression technique aids in increasing speeds and decreasing spins. Furthermore, the seamless Cover tech provides rather consistent flying and performance.

This masterpiece is used by some of the world’s best golfers, including Tiger Woods and Bryson DeChambeau. The company also sells a TW (Tiger Woods) Edition of the Tour BX, known as the Tour BXS TW Edition.

Woods has called this ball his best game because it reacts just how he likes to play.

Given the brand’s performance, this could be a decent alternative if you’re searching for something to train with. Professionals, including Bryson DeChambeau, Matt Kuchar, and Lexi Thompson, have endorsed it.


  • Rapid swing speeds
  • Flight that is straight and consistent
  • With that speed, you can cover a lot more ground.
  • A seamless cover with twin dimple technology


  • Not as excellent as other balls from the same manufacturer.

Bridgestone e6 

Bridgestone’s e6 is another decent option for high handicappers. Bridgestone attributes the straight flight path of these balls to the “Delta” dimple pattern, which is just an arrangement of 326 spherical dimples that assist the ball fly straighter with less spin off the driver despite the flowery name.

Hitting fairways and greens will help you lower your handicap. The Bridgestone E6 makes it easier to get into the fairway and improves long and mid-iron performance to get you closer to the green more often.

You may need to adjust your aim – no more aiming to the left. The ball will go where you aim it.

These balls are meant to be long-lasting and sturdy, as well as to have a pleasing feel. As a result, golfers value it highly. It is made in an entirely different manner than prior editions.

That is why you will find this ball in our list of the best golf balls for high handicappers.

While retaining the Delta Dimple for speed and a soft feel, the structure provides some more straight distance, making them ideal for longer rides. E6 provides long to mid-iron performance and is quite accurate in terms of aiming.

The reformulated e6 is intended for golfers with medium swing speeds who want to maximize distance on all shots.


  • Specifically designed to reduce slicing and hooks.
  • greater distance
  • Side spin is reduced.
  • The flight was direct.
  • Quite reasonably priced
  • One of the softest distance balls on the market.
  • Surlyn cover is long-lasting and similar to urethane.
  • Side spin is reduced by the mantle layer.
  • The unique dimple geometry contributes to penetrating flight.
  • A three-piece design is unusual in this category.


  • A little too much bouncing
  • To some extent, it is difficult to work.
  • Will expand for faster swings.
  • It’s like taking cold medicine for a cutting — it won’t heal it, but it will make it less painful.
  • After landing, the aircraft loses momentum.

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite

This one is a real standout. Wilson is recognized for producing a lower-priced product, but after playing with it and getting to know its qualities, this is far from a low-end ball.

This one is designed exclusively for high handicappers. Its ionomer coating makes it so responsive that you don’t have to hit it hard to get it to that speed.

The 302 Flat Bottom Aerodynamic Dimples ensure a straight and stable flight with almost no drag. The Rubber Core ensures greater distance and greenside spins, making it ideal for a high handicapper.

The 50 in “50 elite” refers to compression. It is designed for swing speeds less than 90 mph and will undoubtedly explode off the clubhead, providing plenty of distance and carry.

It is an excellent value for money. It has a wonderful blend of distance, control, durability, and performance.


  • Coverage that is extremely responsive
  • Longer distances and lower spins
  • The flight was direct.
  • Long-lasting
  • Excellent value for money


  • Long clubs can easily be overhit.
  • When compared to other big brands, roll is restricted.

Volvik Crystal 

This is a tough one. As a result, let’s get this out of the way: it’s not the soft feel. But this stuff travels a long distance. It’s quite impossible to keep it out of sight due to its bright color.

So, long distance, bright hue, conspicuous, it could be something for novices.

Volvik Crystal Golf Balls are available in various hues, making them easy to spot in the air or on the ground.

This ball comprises three sections and has slower to medium swings that allow it to go longer distances. This is the option for you if you want a straight flight with pinpoint accuracy.

Furthermore, the three-piece design makes these balls appropriate for low to midrange swingers. The 332 octahedron dimple patterns also improve the balls’ flight and stability.

This ball feels between a Pinnacle Gold and a Titleist DT Trusoft. This is a great three-piece ball for slower swings that need a little extra kick in the pants.

Volvik has been and continues to be the preferred golf ball of the World Long Drive Association, so you know this is a flier.

Expect the ball to travel significantly further than others and take a few yards to rest on the green. If you enjoy bump and run chipping, this ball is ideal, and you’ll want to get it running as soon as possible because it’s consistent.

This ball is also notable for its length.

The most visible, hardest ball, and best for distance. And it offers excellent value for money. It’s especially good for sluggish swingers.


  • Colors that are really vibrant
  • Because it is difficult, it travels a greater distance.
  • Because of the construction, the swings are medium.
  • longer-lasting
  • Straight and precise flight
  • There are numerous hues to pick from.
  • For slower to medium swings, its three-piece structure is ideal.
  • The vibrant colors in the stylish design catch people’s attention.
  • Hard ball that will increase distance and will not scuff easily.


  • Extremely difficult ball
  • Doesn’t come to a halt quickly
  • For a set of 12 balls, the price seems a little steep.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Another from Srixon, but this time it’s 11% thinner and has 12% lower compression with virtually Zero Spin, giving it a long-range speed. Even in windy situations, the 338 Speed Dimple Design eliminates potential drag, allowing you to get consistent outcomes with each shot.

This, too, has an “Energy Gradient Growth Core,” which enables a better launch with less drag to improve aerodynamics for greater distance.

Because there is mid-compression, the sound of the wedge and putter provides feedback.

This is for swing speeds ranging from slow to medium. It can also go vast distances without losing control of the green side.


  • Because of its suppleness, it provides excellent control on the green sides.
  • Distances that are longer
  • enhanced control
  • Spin rate is low.
  • Excellent for both slow and fast swing rates.


  • It occasionally spins out of control.
  • Significantly more compression

What should a high handicapper look for in a golf ball?

Golf sport is developing, and competition is high. Thus, the top golf ball manufacturing businesses are beginning to make balls appropriate for different sports participants. A few things to consider when deciding on the ideal one for you are:


A fresh golf ball can significantly distance a high handicapper’s game. Compared to soft golf balls that are more concerned with spin and control, a solid two-piece golf ball provides a length advantage.

Straighter shots

Straighter shots can be achieved using a golf ball with an improved dimple system and a low spin-off of the tee. A golf ball with a softer cover will typically increase accuracy because of its shorter distance.

Spin & feel

Over the harder two-piece golf balls that increase distance, a soft golf ball will have a thinner cover that increases spin and improves feel.

A soft golf ball also aids high handicappers in gaining better greenside control.


Naturally, the amount you are willing to pay will influence your decision. We strongly advise you to set your spending budget before strolling around the seemingly unending market for golf balls.

This will allow you to shortlist expensive products easily, so you don’t waste time ogling at their premium features. While we advise you to avoid expensive products, there is no doubt that the more you are prepared to pay, the better your golf balls will be.

However, being more expensive does not always imply better. This is why you must consider all of the other things as well.


Urethane coverings are often softer and provide more spin on the greens. Surlyn is used to make the polymer or ionomer/trionomer coverings.

Surlyn is durable and difficult to scuff material. Even bounces on cart pathways leave little of an impression.

Golf Ball’s Cover

The cover of a golf ball is very important in determining the flight and spin of the ball. Suryl-covered balls are the only way for straighter and more consistent long distances.

A urethane cover will come in handy if you want to go for a spin. As a high handicapper, playing with golf balls of various coverings is preferable.

You can alter your swing and strokes to various playing conditions this way.


Another key factor to consider while looking for the best golf ball for highly handicapped golfers is the construction of the golf ball. The amount of “parts” that make up a golf ball determines its construction.

There are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and even 6-piece golf balls available on the market. So, let’s find out what all this counting is about.

1-Piece Golf Ball

As the name implies, this golf ball is formed of a single piece of solid material with no mantles or covers. It is not expensive, and it is not utilized for professional golf.

They are mostly found on driving ranges and mini-courses. As a high handicapper, we would advise you to avoid using 1-piece golf balls simply because they are less expensive.

Because of their low compression rating and boring structure, they are lousy for both spin and distance. You can utilize them on the course and still meet the par requirement. They will not, however, improve your game in any way.

2-Piece Golf Ball

Two-piece golf balls are typically made with a core and a cover. Although these golf balls are designed for novices, higher handicappers can also use them.

Their prices are often reasonable, but we wouldn’t go so far as to suggest the materials utilized in their manufacture are suitable for Tour-level performance.

These types of balls typically have a lot more roll on the greens or fairways and a harsher feel off the clubface. This can be excellent news because Tour-level balls highlight your drive’s weaknesses.

Because Tour balls produce more spin, a fade will transform into a slice, while a draw may develop into a hook.

3-Piece Golf Ball

This type of golf ball has a layer (mantle) around the core and a cover usually composed of urethane. If you didn’t previously know, urethane is a highly soft material frequently used to make premium golf balls.

When confronted with faster swinging or shots from highly competent players, urethane provides a higher spin rate. It is best to practice with 3-piece golf balls to enhance your spin and control.

4-Piece Golf Balls

A dual-core golf ball with a mantle and a cover is featured in this 4-piece set. Based on their construction, these are the most costly golf balls. They are popular among Tour players due to their initial low speed and exquisite precision.

This ball serves no function for high handicappers. Using 4-piece golf balls might undermine your confidence because they are difficult to play from the fairway and the green.


The dimples on the surface of your golf ball affect the air pressure while limiting the overall coverage area. When you think about it, this directly impacts the distance your golf ball is supposed to go.

However, choosing shallow and wide-dimpled golf balls will result in less backspin and greater distance strokes.

Golf tips for high handicappers

Additional to selecting the best high-handicapped golf balls, there are various other things that high-handicapped players may do to improve their golf scores.

Regarding golf ball selection, if you are a high handicapper, there are numerous advantages to selecting balls specifically designed to meet the demands of high handicappers.

This is not to say that there aren’t other things you can do to boost your grades. As a result, we’ll go over some more high-handicapper golf advice below.

Set Forgiveness as a top priority.

Our first recommendation is to choose golf equipment designed with forgiveness in mind. This is because more advanced golf equipment is created for the most competent players, whereas beginner golf clubs and beginner drivers consider that when you first start, your technique may not be as accurate as experts.

Course management

Our second free high handicapper golf tip is to concentrate on course management while playing. By improving this component of your golf game, you can reduce your score without needing to enhance your technique.

Some quick victories include knowing your distances, hitting proper shots, avoiding hazard traps, and playing patiently without chasing your scores.

Putt Practice

Finally, putting is an important skill for high-handicap golfers to master. This is because it is such a rapid triumph. How frequently do you 3 put a hole and feel like your shots were squandered?

By improving this aspect of your game, you will be able to lower your golf scores more quickly.


What distinguishes golf balls for high handicappers from standard balls?

Compared to higher-cost multilayer golf balls, golf balls that high handicappers may play with more regularly provide lesser pricing options and less sophistication.

Two-piece golf balls, popular among novices and high handicappers, can provide a soft feel or long distance to help them improve their entire game.

What constitutes a significant handicap?

A handicap in golf is a numerical calculation used to determine a golfer’s abilities. The lower the handicap number, the better the player is regarded, and vice versa.

It is a method of evaluating golfers that takes into account the golfer’s scores as well as the difficulty of the terrain. A large handicap is typically greater than 20. In general, the global average is around 100. Anyone having a handicap of less than ten is called a professional.

Do golf balls make a difference for high handicappers?

They do, indeed. Good golf balls can assist high handicappers in lowering their scores and forgiving the majority of their mistakes. They can assist golfers in correcting slices, hook shots, and even improving swing speed.

Which color should I choose?

White is the most often utilized color on a global scale. However, as a high handicapper, knowing that you lack the necessary skills, it might be prudent to choose a different hue.

Aside from white, common colors for golf balls include yellow, vibrant hues like orange, and balls with diverse color patterns. Yellow or orange will increase your visibility, making it easier to find golf balls on the course.

What effect does the rate of spin have on your shots?

Spin affects strokes in two places on the golf course. The first approach is from the fairway or from around the green.

Higher backspin rates are required in those regions for golfers to stop the ball closer to the cup. It’s a very different story on the tee box. Golfers seek reduced spin so the ball can fly straighter without slicing or hooking.

Do coverings affect the performance of a golf ball?

Yes, the golf ball’s cover affects its overall performance. If the ball’s outer layer is softer, it aids the golfer’s feel and responsiveness.

Greater feel, especially when putting and chipping, can provide improved control. Golfers can gain extra distance and durability by using stronger outer covers.

Does the spin rate of the golf ball affect shots?

The outer cover is responsible for a spin, which can significantly impact the golf ball’s performance. A faster spin rate on entry shots into the green results in more backspin once the ball touches the green.

Higher spin also causes the ball to stop on the pitch and chip shots relatively fast. A fast spin rate on the tee box might result in a larger ball height with the driver.

What function do dimples serve?

Dimples enable the golf ball to travel further and be less impacted by wind. The dimple system on a golf ball helps the ball fly straighter by reducing wind drag against the surface of the outer layer.

Each company claims to have a patented dimple system, but all dimple systems perform admirably for their intended purpose.


Whatever factors impact your decision to purchase the best golf balls for high handicappers, try to be well-informed.

The potential game improvement is more important than the one or two strokes it could save you per round.

When it comes down to it, that is exactly why we are here…

” Always going the extra mile to help you better your game.”

Once you’ve found the best golf balls for high handicappers that you like, stock up!! Buy 10 or 12 dozen and stash them somewhere.

It appears that when you find a ball you like, it is discontinued… Wilson Staff Titanium, Strata MD, and Nike RZN Black are examples.

I hope this article has given you some new information to help you choose the best golf ball for high handicappers.