Improve Swing Basic Technique with Golf Waggle Pre Shot Routine

Tension in the golf stance ruins many swings. As a golfer looks back and forward at the distant target, tension starts to creep in. The fingers of the grip start to tighten, which affects the takeaway.

The arms start to lock up and the muscles in the neck become tense, which affects the quality of the shoulder turn.

No matter what standard of golfer from beginner to top pro, one of the fundamental basics for good golf is to keep the body relaxed at the address.

A good pre-shot routine helps keep the body ready for action and free of unwanted tension for maximum clubhead speed and accuracy.

Pre Shot Routine to Improve Golf Swing

  • The pre-shot routine starts the moment a club is selected. From the moment the club is taken out of the bag, a golfer should be following the same routine, and importantly it should be the same for every shot hit on the course. Whether it’s a short iron or a full-blooded drive, to keep the swing technique efficient, a pre-shot routine is essential.
  • Some pros believe it should start with club selection but that can slow a golfer down too much which can actually add to the tension. No pre-shot routine is the same, and every golfer should develop their own style to get the best out of their swing, but the following are the basic fundamental ingredients of a successful pre-shot routine.

Pre Shot Routine Fundamentals

  • A practice swing is imperative to prepare the body and calm the mind. Don’t have a wishy-washy swish. Make the practice swing a dress rehearsal of the technique you have decided to employ when hitting the shot. Make sure the takeaway, backswing, downswing, and finish positions are as you wish before you get ready to take up the stance.
  • Many golfers like to stand opposite the ball with their feet together to start to build their stance. This makes sure that balance is good and that the hips, feet, and shoulders are all pointing in the same direction.
  • To put your hands on the club, hold the top of the grip with the right hand as you take up your left-hand grip. Put on the right hand making sure the left keeps the clubface looking at the target.
  • From this position, and without moving the head too much, separate the feet to the correct width for the selected shot.

The Golf Swing Waggle

Keeping tension out of the stance at this point is crucial, and many golfers use movement to do this. Waggle is a swinging of the club back and forward with the hands as the golfer has a final glance at the target.

Many top players believe that this movement defines the overall shape of the swing and practice this part for endless hours. Whatever waggle you decide upon, it must be the same for every shot.

Pre Shot Routine Practice

To maximize the benefits of the pre-shot routine, a golfer must introduce it even when hitting shots at the range. A swing free of tension allows the whole action to become natural.

The takeaway becomes a simple extension of the waggle, and the club flows back into the correct position in the backswing. The downswing seems to happen without effort, and the club flies into impact with maximum club head speed.

Make the golf swing more natural and build a pre-shot routine that frees up your golf swing.