Turn Shoulder Exercise for Power Golf Swing and Longer Golf Drives

A good golf swing is one where the golfer turns round the spine on the backswing and the downswing. A good turn of the shoulders allows the club to swing on the correct inside path for long straight golf shots, but many club golfers struggle to make a good shoulder turn.

Why a Good Turn is Necessary

  • Width is very important in the golf swing. At address, the left arm is straight, and for consistent ball striking, it needs to remain straight during the backswing. This promotes maximum width of arc, so not only is the golfer creating maximum potential energy and leverage but also a wide arc means the club head stays looking at the target for the longest possible time at impact.
  • To get to the top of the backswing without a good turn, there is no alternative but to let the left arm fold. A bent left arm means the width is lost, and only your hands can hit the ball.
  • It is also imperative to attack the ball from an inside swing path. Without a good turn, the body gets in the way on the backswing, and apart from the left arm bending, the club starts to rise up too steeply and outside the line. Without question, a good turn on the way back is vital for good golf. Try this exercise to build up your tummy muscles and your core strength so to make a good shoulder turn becomes easy.

Golf Exercise to Make Golf Shoulder Turn.

  • Find an exercise band which you can buy from any sports shop. Go into the garden with a seven iron and take up your golf stance. Hold one end of the band under the grip and slip the other end underneath your right foot. Then make a backswing.
  • As the club moves back, the slack will be taken up, and the band will start to stretch. The feeling should be of tension increasing constantly. As the tension builds, your shoulders have to turn. The arms alone are not strong enough to keep stretching the elastic. This leads to an efficient direct backswing on the right inside path.
  • The downswing and follow-through need to be practiced without a club at first. But experiment with putting the band under the left and right foot, so the tension is altered. Find which feels most comfortable, and then swing away. Don’t overdo it the first day, but over time, with practice, you will build up the important muscles to help make a good golf shoulder turn. Learn to turn your shoulders for an efficient swing that hits the ball further, straighter, and with less effort.