Stay Calm, Relax, Stop Getting Tense and Relax with Swing Thought

Most keen golfers are guilty of trying too hard to play well. However, rarely makes the extra effort affect scoring in a positive way.

More often than not, as tension creeps in and the muscles tighten, all departments of the game become hard work, and the desperate attempt to control the ball normally ends in disaster.

Learn to keep the swing smooth and the head clear with sound tactics and goal setting.

How to Keep the Swing Smooth and Relaxed Playing Golf

Whether a professional or club golfer, tension causes havoc with coordination. How many times have we seen top golfers fail at the final hurdle as the pressure intensifies and the resulting tension wrecks their chances?

The swing loses its smooth, silky tempo and becomes short and jerky; even their decision-making becomes suspect. But it is just the same for a club golfer in a monthly medal – trying too hard is counterproductive.

Unfortunately, most golfers are already aware of that fact. In the morning, they might have hit the ball beautifully on the range, but as they near the final few holes, the club starts to feel different, the normally smooth swing becomes a prod at the ball, and the head starts to lift in anticipation.

There is no competitive golfer in the world who hasn’t experienced tightening when the pressure is on.

How to Relax and Stop Trying Too Hard

The solution, of course, is not to give up trying; human nature cannot be changed so easily. But it is possible to stay focused on a goal and not change mid-round.

Often expectations are increased during a round if a golfer is doing well, but raising the bar constantly in such a way is doomed to fail.

If a golfer is clear about his goals before the round, they should remain constant no matter the circumstances.

If the goal is to break ninety for the round, but the front nine is covered in only forty shots, don’t suddenly change your sights to breaking eighty for the first time. Stay focused on your goal.

Setting a Goal to Stay Relaxed with Swing Thought

Whether it’s giving up smoking, dieting, or budgeting the finances, writing down what your expectations and goals are is imperative. It is the same for a golfer.

Your long-term, and short-term goals, should be carefully planned and written down. The plan for a round should be written in stone.

If you know that irrespective of what happens on the course, your goal will remain unchanged, it will make it easier to cope with the pressure.

You won’t immediately feel as ‘loose as a goose,’ but you will be able to control yourself and your decision-making with a disciplined, focused attitude. Before you play, come up with a swing thought for the day, and no matter what, stick to it for the whole round.

Consistency in Golf

The basis of consistent golf shots, accurate putting, and good clubbing, are formed from a consistent mindset. Change the way you think, and understandably, everything will start to disintegrate.

Set your goal, stick to it, and see if it makes a difference. One last tip – force yourself to smile and relax your shoulders when things are going badly.

Good Luck!