Hit Longer Drives, Maximum Club Head Speed, Golf Longer Power Drives

Many golfers need more length off the tee to be able to reach par fours in two shots. Being able to drive a good distance and still keep the ball on the fairways is a great asset for lower scores and confidence.

Follow these tips to maximize your power and impress your friends.

Drive Longer

Sometimes it’s worth taking risks off the tee for extra length to be able to reach the green in two. Once you have decided that the shot requires maximum power, there are certain things you can do to increase your normal pitching distance.

Firstly power hitting requires complete commitment. Even the way you take the driver from the bag is important.

Extra power demands a positive attitude, and from the moment you decide to hit the shot hard, your body language must be positive and decisive.

Take out the driver with as much determination as a swordsman would pull his saber from its scabbard. You are charismatic; pull back your shoulders, hold your head up; this drive is going to be the big one.

How to Hit Further with Power Drives

  • Widen your stance. To create maximum force, you must have a stable base. Feel the inside of your right foot dig into the turf like a hundred-metre sprinter digs in his right foot at the start of the race.
  • Tee the Ball Higher than Normal. To gain extra carry and a flight that has the right amount of spin, tee the ball higher than normal. The attack line is up and through the ball, driving it high into the air.
  • Swing positively to a full, balanced finish. Once you have decided to ‘give it a go, ’ swing decisively to a full finish without any fear. Making sure your body turns positively to a full finish will cut out any unnecessary hand action that would impart sidespin on the ball.

Total Commitment to the Shot

This is crucial to maximizing distance. All too often, a golfer decides to hit hard, then on the downswing, they cop out and decelerate through the shot.

This will lead to inaccuracy. Once you have decided to go for distance, there must be no room for a change of mind at the last minute.

Maximum Power

Be the boxer in the ring, the weight lifter going for a record, the hammer thrower in athletics, puff your chest out, don’t hold back, ‘go for it.