Choose Clubs to Suit Your Swing Shape to Hit the Golf Ball Better

Very often golfers look to new equipment to help them play better. There are literally hundreds of sets available and choosing the right one to match your swing can be extremely hard. You may well have read magazine advertisements suggesting particular clubs, then turned over the page to find that others seem even better. But if you can find a set that suits your game it can really help you to hit the ball better and more consistently.

Choosing a Set of Irons – Beginner

  • If you are just starting golf your swing characteristics will not yet have formed.
  • You could turn out to be someone who slices or someone who hooks the ball.
  • At this stage all you need worry about is buying what is called a ‘neutral set’.
  • These can be bought at most sports stores or pro shops. They are the least expensive clubs and are not designed with any particular design to help either a slice or a hook.
  • Unless you are particularly strong a starter set will be ideal until you are more experienced. Normally there are two types – clubs with graphite or steel shafts.
  • Ladies should always go for graphite shafts as should most men, unless they work manually or have very strong arms and body.

Best Irons for More Experienced Golfers

As a more experienced golfer your swing characteristics will have formed. There are fundamentally two different types of swing; one that is too steep from the outside that slices the ball, and one that comes too far from the inside and hooks. Each swing will respond differently to clubs. Follow these basic points to give you a rough guide line on how to choose the best set for your game.

Best Clubs for Someone Who Slices

  • The longer the blade (or face of the club) the more likely it is for the golfer to able to turn over or release the club through impact.
  • Investigate a graphite shaft with some torque. The twist of a graphite shaft again helps the golfer to release the club that will negate the slice spin of a swing that is too steep.
  • Look for a club with most weight on the toe.
  • All of these characteristics help someone who slices the ball turn over the blade through impact and limit the slice spin.

Best Clubs for Someone Who Hooks

  • These are clubs that are the opposite of the clubs for someone who slices.
  • The shorter the blade with most weight on the heel is ideal design to help keep the blade square to the target through impact.
  • A shaft with hardly any torque will again help the club work towards the target and not flip open.

Demo Days

There are many permutations you can try when choosing clubs and one of the best ways of doing this is a golf demo day. Most driving ranges hold them regularly and it’s a great way to try before you buy. If you are interested in more specific shaft information for swing types (fast or slow) please read Best Golf Shaft for Your Golf Swing.