Hit Down on Wedge Shots with a Good Swing Finish for Crisp Striking

Hitting a wedge shot from a tight lie requires good technique, timing, and nerve. The longer the shot, the more comfortable golfers become but inevitably, during a round, there will be times when you are faced with what many golfers regard as the hardest shot in golf, the half or three-quarter wedge from a tight lie.

Adjust Stance For Hitting Down on Wedge Shots

  • To hit a ball from a tight lie, it is vital to hit it down onto the ball. This technique can mainly be achieved by adjusting the stance.
  • Have your feet closer together than normal, as power is not required for this shot.
  • Position the ball much further back than normal. Although this will hit the ball lower, it is important if you want to hit the ball first from a tight lie.
  • Push your hands forward towards the target so they are considerably in front of the ball.
  • Sixty percent of your weight should be on your left leg.

Golf Swing to Hit Pitch Shots off Tight Lies

  • Most golfers fluff wedge shots off tight lies because they quit on the shot. The following swing adjustments will help you to accelerate through the ball and hit down into the shot.
  • Keep the backswing short and keep the grip firm. Sloppy hand action will lead to overactive hands at impact and will result in thinning the shot.
  • Keep your weight on the left side during the backswing. The narrow stance you have adopted will make this easier.
  • On the downswing, keep the left side turning all the way through the shot. In a normal swing, the body stops, and the hands release the club. On a tough pitch shot, the body continually leads, and the club never passes the hands. This cuts out as much hand action as possible.
  • The speed of the swing is dictated by the speed of the body turn.
  • Concentrate on swinging positively through to a finish position where the body faces the target and your belt buckle points at the flag.

Keep your Nerve on Wedge Shots

There is one main thought a golfer should be concentrating on when facing a wedge shot off a tight lie – commitment. Swinging positively to a finish requires nerve on a difficult shot, but it is vital.

Make sure you have two or three positive practice swings before you hit the shot, and visualize the ball traveling towards the flag.

When you come to hit the ball, keep the same positive rhythm you had in your practice swings and drive the body through to a positive finish position.