A Slice is the most common mistake made by beginner golfers, but don’t worry there are ways to fix your slice so you can spend more time on the fairway and less time in the woods.

The main reason the golf slice is so common is that it is the end result of most beginners trying to accomplish something else with the golf ball; such as trying to hit the ball in the air, but doing so improperly. The end result is the dreaded golf slice.

The golf swing is a series of movements directly tied to each other. This chain reaction can either obtain your goal or send you into the woods looking for lost balls. Once you learn the proper series of movements, however, you will hit the ball further and longer more consistently. Be prepared, learning the proper swing takes practice, lots of practice.

Two Main Reasons the Golf Ball Slices

1. Hitting the golf ball with the club face being open.

2. Cutting across the ball from the outside moving in.

These two faults are at the very end of the golf swing, but not necessarily what you should be directly focused on fixing. When fixing something within your golf swing, you can’t just focus on the final club face impact on the golf ball, however it is important to understand what you are doing wrong. You must actually focus on what you are doing wrong multiple steps back in your golf swing and let that fix the end result.

Main Swing Faults Cause the Golf Ball to Slice

1. Scooping the ball

The first major swing fault committed by beginners which causes a golf slice is that scoop the ball off the ground rather than hitting down on the ball and letting the golf club’s loft do the work. The golf ball should always be struck while the club head is still in it’s downward motion. This can best be seen by the divot of Tiger Woods, it actually starts after the golf ball has been struck.

2. Lunging at the golf ball

The second biggest swing fault which can cause you to slice the golf ball is lunging at the golf ball in an attempt to hit it further. While doing this you move your head forward and ahead of the ball at impact which causes the club face to be left open. To understand this, stand over a golf ball and address it with your head well in front of the ball. You will see how this will jam you up at impact and force the golf ball to start and continue right.

3. Weak grip

The third most common reason that you slice the golf ball could be that your grip is too weak. The lines which are created by your index finger and thumb on both hands points towards your chin. You need to understand that your hands have neutral positions. To see this stand up straight and let your hands fall to your side naturally. You should see the top side of your hands basically facing forward. Next, turn your hands to the left or right and while turned let them relax. Your hands should immediately return to that same natural or neutral position. This is why when your grip is weak (your left hand is turned more left and your right hand is turned more left), you hit the ball with an open club face. Naturally in those positions your hands will want to open the face through the swing.

4. Swing from outside in

Lastly, the final major cause of the golf ball slicing may be that the golfer is swinging the club from the outside to the inside. This means that the swing path is taking the golf club out and away from the golfer’s body on the backswing and then coming from the out towards the body on the downswing which will cut across the ball causing a golf slice.