Head Angle Position for Takeaway, Swing Path, and Golf Swing Plane

There are two ways to change the characteristics of a golf swing, either by controlling the individual positions during the swing or by making the whole swing change by moving the head in a different way.

If you have tried to alter the parts of the swing that are causing you problems, and have not progressed, try this alternative method of altering the swing to control the ball.

Head Position in the Golf Swing

There are few things more damaging to a golfer than being told to keep the head still. By all means, watch the ball closely, but keeping the head still causes an unnatural, stilted golf swing that lacks power and accuracy.

At the last moment, before the ball is hit, at what is called the pre-release position, the whole body stops to create centrifugal force, and at that time, the head stops moving, but before, during the swing, head movement is vital.

Change the Golf Takeaway, Swing Path, and Plane

  • To cure a slice, have your head turned to the right in the address position (pic 1). As you make a backswing the more, you want to stop slicing the more you should move your head to the right. This will alter the takeaway swing path and flatten out the swing plane. On the way down, the key is to keep the head at the same angle and not let it be changed as the shoulders try to spin open. This position alters the swing path and plane of the golf swing.
  • To understand how much the head should move to stop slicing and the outside in the swing path, hold a finger up directly in front of your face, then close your left eye. Now turn your head to the right until you can no longer see your finger because your nose has obscured it.
  • When you take up your address position, do the same test with the ball. Keeping the head in this position will almost ensure an inside-out swing. Do not be scared to move the head to the right during the swing to hit a draw.
  • To hit a slice shot is the opposite (pic 2). Move your head to the left at the address. The steeper you want to swing, the more you move your head to the left when going back. This will cause a tilting body action that will cut the ball.

Experiment with Head Position to Change Swing Shape

With the knowledge that your head movement dictates the swing shape, it is time to start experimenting.

Tilt the head to the right if you want to hit the ball from the inside, and tilt the head to the left if you want to slice. Experiment with head movement and let it dictate to your body and not the other way around.