To hit a golf ball correctly, with maximum compression, a golfer must extend the arms correctly through impact into the follow-through. But this is only possible if the swing is traveling on the correct path at impact.

No matter how much a golfer wants to swing through the ball to the target if the club is coming down on the wrong line, the only way to ‘save’ the shot is by introducing excessive hand action at impact.

Incorrect hand action through impact imparts side spin on the ball, which results in poor striking, hooks, and slices. If a golfer is keen to improve their extension through the ball for more power and accuracy, they must first improve their swing path at impact.

Drill to Improve Swing Path

  • Focus on where the divots fly when you are hitting iron shots.
  • If they are shooting off to the left, you are attacking the ball from the outside.
  • If the divots fly to the right, the swing path is too far from the inside.
  • Practice hitting divots into an open umbrella ten yards in front of you to create a better swing path into the ball.

Golf Swing Extension

Once the swing path of the club is more neutral and not coming too far from the inside or outside, it is possible to start working on extension through the ball.

This can best be done by using the following drill.

  • Take up your stance and get ready to hit a golf shot.
  • Put the club head right up against the ball, so it’s touching.
  • Without a backswing, try to sling the ball forward onto the range.
  • Make sure when you try this, you swing through right to the finish.
  • Effectively you are collecting the ball and slinging it forward.

How the Extension Drill Works

The key to good striking lies in getting the hands, arms, and shoulders to work as a unit through impact. This drill coordinates the move naturally and creates effective smooth acceleration.

At first, it is difficult to toss the ball forward any distance, but with practice most golfers are able to sling the ball efficiently towards the target.

By practicing this drill, a golfer can start to get the ball on the clubface for the longest possible time, which leads to maximum compression.

The drill automatically cuts down on excessive hand action and leads to the widest possible extension or arc through the shot.