Reducing handicap is continually the intention of folks who are interested in playing golf. One of the biggest issues standing in a person’s way could be the golf slice. It’s a common problem and there are many things that can become the root cause of it. The helpful hints shared in this article can help you correct your slice and begin improving your scores right away.

It’s critical to create adequate balance in your stance when looking to boost swing consistency and correct a golf slice. You can expect to lose balance and disrupt the orbit of your golf swing if there is any kind of loose motion in your swing. Always keeping feet shoulder width apart, the correct bending forward of the spine and a reasonable level of knee flex will allow you to promote adequate balance in your stance.

A great number of players think that when they slice the golf ball, it is simply adjusted by shifting to the left for right-handers and to the right for left-handers. These people are mistaken on this idea. You are ultimately miss-hitting the golf ball as a result of the direction and angle the club face is headed upon contact.

You can expect to slice the ball even more so if you rotate your body off target to compensate for your slice. Instead of compensating by shifting to a different direction, invest time to improve your golf swing and ensure you are striking the ball square with the face of the club while lining up properly with the green. This will cure golf slice issues that come from overcompensation.

Make sure your hands aren’t turned too far left on the club. The club might be square to the ball at the start, but this grip will cause the golf club to rotate as you swing. Once you grip one of your golf clubs you’ll notice that “V’s” are formed in the middle of your forefingers and your thumbs. For the usual slicer these will point towards the leading shoulder at address. However, if you are using a normal golf grip they’re going to point toward your trailing shoulder.

A great number of players that slice the ball make a critical mistake straight away. They rotate the club clockwise with their hands upon takeaway. This may feel correct, but nevertheless, this causes the face of the club to be open upon impact. The clubface should “open” during your backswing, but this should be as a result of turning of your torso and your shoulders. It shouldn’t be result from rotating your hands.

This error is reasonably simple to cure; just grip your club making effort to not rotate your hands. There’s actually an easy method for finding out if you’re doing this correctly: If you hold your back swing at the top, the wrist of your glove hand must be perfectly flat.

Don’t let slicing negatively impact your scores and detract from your game. To fix golf slice issues, you should utilize swing hints like the ones in this article to help solidify your swing and boost your game. By simply being sure that your technique is performed accurately, you can produce a straight shot which reaches your desired target every time.