Release Hands to Square Golf Clubface to Hit Golf Ball Straighter

The most efficient golf swing, and the easiest to repeat, is a swing that travels up and down on the same line without the need for any adjustments.

If the backswing is out of the plane and not online, the golfer has to make a compensating move on the downswing. How successful this adjustment is carried out is directly responsible for the amount of hand action and release that is necessary at impact.

Hand Action and Release in Golf Swing

  • There are two ways that a golfer can improve the accuracy of his golf shots. Firstly he can try to swing the club in a plane on the back swing. This requires time and, most importantly, a correct diagnosis of what is wrong with their current swing.
  • With the use of video and freeze frames, it is easy to spot if the swing has a loop. But diagnosing the fundamental problem takes vast experience, as the most obvious fault is rarely the real cause. Something small and almost insignificant to the club golfer normally lies at the heart of a poor back swing. However, given time and with the help of a professional, correct change can be made.
  • While these changes are practiced, it is possible to improve your golf shots by working on your hand action at impact.

Square Up the Clubface at Impact

At the top of the back swing, a golfer is instinctively aware if they are in the correct position. If the club is out of the plane and on the wrong line, the golfer subconsciously knows adjustments have to be made.

These can be carried out correctly if the downswing starts off slowly but in most cases, the golfer attacks from the top, which leads to an overcorrection.

The momentum built up by being too quick from the top actually carries the club past the right line.

Unfortunately, there is only one chance of changing the line on the downswing, and now the golfer is committed to the wrong path coming into impact.

Once again, the brain instinctively knows this and realizes that a further last-minute adjustment is necessary. At this stage, it is too late to change the line again.

The only option is to maneuver the club head with the hands affecting a natural release.

How Your Hands Work at Impact

If you are on the wrong swing path coming into the ball, the only thing that can save a golfer from wayward shots are the hands. If the swing is correct, they do very little except obey the laws of centrifugal force.

But if the swing is on the wrong line, they have to work to manipulate the clubface. The more inside or outside the line, the harder they have to work.

There are ways to train the hands to release the right amount, but how much they have to work completely depends on the swing path directly into the ball.