Playing The Right Ball Is Crucial

There are wide varieties of golf balls on the market from a host of manufacturers, but which one suits your game the best?

And which one will help you knock shots off your score and get your handicap down?

Bridgestone Golf Balls

Bridgestone’s Tour B330 balls are recommended for lower handicap golfers, who are able to play with varying swing speeds.

There are three versions of the ball – the Tour B330, the Tour B330-S, and the Tour B330-RX, all urethane balls which should increase driving distance by 20-30 yards and help reduce spin when using the driver off the tee.

All three balls should also react well with spin from short iron shots into the green.

Of the three, the Tour B330-RX is the best in reducing spin on your drives, but if you’re looking for the best ball for generating the most spin with shots to the green, then the Tour B330-S is the ball for you.

In terms of the feel of the balls, the Tour B300-RX will provide the softest feel, with the Tour B330-S next in line ahead of the Tour B330.

Bridgestone’s E series of balls provide a variety of options if you’re looking for a cheaper ball. For players looking for greater height from their shots, the E5 helps gain a higher trajectory.

If you are the opposite and looking to reduce the height of your shots, the E7 will help promote a lower flight to maximize distance. For wayward hitters, the E6 is built with an anti-side spin layer which helps reduce spin and promotes a straighter flight.

Also in Bridgestone’s portfolio is the Treosoft, which was developed to offer golfers a consistent flight and trajectory.

Callaway Golf Balls

At the top of the range of Callaway balls are the Tour I golf balls. If it’s the distance you’re after, then the Tour i(z) – which is marketed as the “longest Tour ball” – is the best ball for your game; maximize the distance of your shots without compromising on the accuracy and greenside spin.

The Tour i(s) has a soft feel to suit golfers of all abilities and is the best option of the range if generating greenside spin is what you are after.

In Callaway’s HX range, more affordable balls for general players are the Bite and Hot Plus. The HX Bite reduces spin off the driver and promotes straight shots off the tee while also adding extra yardage to your shots, while the HX Hot Plus has a special “hot” core that pushes the boundaries of golf’s rules to generate additional distance.

Also available from Callaway is the Big Bertha Diablo, a ball designed with a softer feel and technology to reduce spin from your driver and improve accuracy with straight shots; the Warbird Plus, a long-lasting ball that is perfect for the regular golfer; and the Solaire, which is designed for female players with the ball suited to slower swing speeds.

The durable ball, available in either white or pink, is designed to provide extra carry and, therefore, distance.

Nike Golf Balls

Nike’s exclusive range of golf balls is the Nike One, with the One Tour, One Tour D, and One Vapor available for purchase.

The One Tour, the choice of Tiger Woods, is described as the “most complete ball you will ever play,” and with long distance, control, accuracy, and feel as its attributes, it is easy to see why the marketers have come up with the claim.

The One Tour D’s selling point is that it maximizes distance ahead of any else and provides superior lengths off the tee. At the same time, the One Vapor is designed for the skilled golfer and provides distance and control, particularly around the greens.

Other balls available from Nike are the Crush, which provides explosive distance and straighter drives as well as reducing unwanted side-spin when using a driver.

The Juice Plus, a softer ball for improved distance and a greater feel, and the Karma, which has been designed for those with slower swing speeds. It helps generate extra carry for those players who tend to struggle for distance due to the speed of their swing.

There are also three varieties of Nike Power Distance balls with the Soft, High, and Long options available, and doing as you might expect from their name.

The Power Distance Soft has been designed for golfers looking for a softer feel from their ball, the Power Distance High is for golfers with an average speed swing and gives extra height, and a softer landing to shots, and the Power Distance Long gives distance off the tee for those with higher speed swings.

The EZ Distance is a ball designed specifically for children and young golfers.

Pinnacle Golf Balls

At the head of Pinnacle’s range of balls is the Pinnacle Dimension, which is designed to give a consistent and penetrating ball flight yet still with a soft feel around the greens.

The ball also promoted better putting accuracy once on the green. The Pinnacle Gold Precision and Pinnacle Gold Distance both give long distances to shoot.

The Gold Precision offers a soft feel on all shots, therefore is suited to a good short game and extracts the extra distance from the tee thanks to a flatter trajectory.

The Gold Distance is a harder ball but has a higher trajectory and carry to gain a longer distance. The Pinnacle Exception is the budget ball for the everyday golfer and provides an all-around, if not flashy, performance.

The Pinnacle Ribbon White and Pinnacle Ribbon Lavender Pearl are both balls specifically engineered for the use of female golfers. They have a soft feel and provide a longer distance from shots with a consistent flight.