Golfers Liability Cover- Factors To Consider When Seeking A Quote

Golf insurance is very cheap compared to other insurable events, such as health insurance or auto insurance. For a small cost, golfers can insure themselves against injuring another player during a round, having their golf equipment stolen, damaging property with a poorly hit shot, and even insure the cost of having to pay for a round of drinks, the traditional “reward” for achieving a hole in one.

Golf insurance is available from most auto insurance companies or health insurance specialists.

Advantages of Golf Insurance

Golf insurance may be obtained for just a few dollars per month. To put this in perspective, it is about the same price as one good golf ball. Insurance discount rates may be reduced even more, unlike auto insurance, if groups of individuals all buy cover from the same insurance company.

“No win no fee” cases leave uninsured golfers exposed since the claimant has nothing to lose. Golfers liability cover is easily available, and insurance companies often advertise on the internet as well as at golf clubs. Some golf clubs organize the insurance cover, which makes it easier for the golfer. It is also useful for the club to ensure that it’s members have insurance to pay for any accidental damage that they cause.

Disadvantages of Golf Insurance

There is a fee to pay, even though it is a small amount, and this is about the only disadvantage. Other disadvantages are related to the cost, and include:

  • Often a claim is not made, even though it is valid, due to a lack of knowledge of what the policy covers
  • There is often no claim made on the insurance policy
  • Renewing the policy may not be automatic with some insurance companies, which means the policy needs to be agreed each year
  • Renewing the policy may not be automatic with some insurance companies, which means the policy expires, so the golfer believes they are covered when they are not
  • There may be “overlap” with other insurance policies. For example, stolen golf clubs may already be covered under auto insurance, or home insurance

What Golf Insurance Covers

The liability insurance level and extent depends on the insurance company and the actual policy taken out. Some items to inquire about before asking for an insurance quote are:

  • Personal injury liability on third party (This is the most important)
  • Personal injury liability (medical bills) for self
  • Insurance against stolen golf equipment – clubs, bag, trolley etc
  • Insurance against damaging property – clubhouse windows, cars in club car-park
  • Insure against travel problems / lost equipment on golfing vacation
  • Does policy include family members and / or children?
  • Is there a discount for making no claims in previous year(s)?

Golf Insurance Summary

The “No win no fee” lawyers approach often means that golfers can be sued at no cost to the claimant, which makes it more likely that a person injured by a golf ball will sue. It is very easy to get a cheap golfers insurance quote that includes third party liability, and typical monthly rates are about the price of a good golf ball.

Golfers insurance quotes are available on many internet sites and often in the golf clubhouse, although golfers should shop around to get the best deal. The level of cover is usually very comprehensive, and often includes $100 – $200 to cover the cost of buying drinks, if the golfer happens to get a hole in one.