Golf is a very difficult game to master. Not only does the form of a golfer vary from day to day but infuriatingly from hole to hole. One minute you can feel on top of the world after a par or even a birdie, the next moment you struggle to keep control of your temper as another topped shot runs along the fairway into a bunker. Try following these simple tips to hit the ball more consistently and start to lower your scores.

The Golf Address Position

Standing well to the ball is crucial for consistent hitting yet most golfers who struggle have poor posture.. Not only is aiming important but good posture is a key ingredient when trying to build a simple swing, as it help the golfer to turn the shoulders correctly. Fundamentally golf involves turning round the spine, but if the spine is bent at address it is almost impossible to have an efficient swing.

  • Make sure your spine is straight when you stand to the ball as this promotes a good shoulder turn.

One Piece Takeaway

From a good address position the takeaway should be a smooth movement where the shoulders, arms and hands work together. This is a critical move as it sets up the arc of the swing, swing path and the overall timing of the swing. The first foot away from the ball is vital but most golfers rush the takeaway and by the time the club has moved a few feet, control has already been lost.

  • Make sure the takeaway is carried out slowly and smoothly – the slower the better.

Straight Left Arm on Backswing

The more constant the width of backswing and downswing, the easier it becomes to deliver the club squarely back to the ball. One of the ways to keep constant width is to make sure the left arm remains relatively straight as the club swings back.

Most golfers who struggle to hit the ball into the air have poor posture at address which affects the shoulder turn, and a poor shoulder turn means there is no alternative but to break the left arm during the backswing.

  • Complete the shoulder turn and keep the left arm relatively straight

Finish Position

If a golfer achieves a relatively good position at the top of the backswing, as long as they swing right through to a finish position then they do not have to worry too much about the downswing. Most golfers try too hard to hit the ball rather than simply swinging the club through impact to a full finish. In essence the ball should get in the way of the swing – there should be no deliberate hit at the ball..

  • Swing to a finish – trust the club to get the ball into the air – a golfer should never try to ‘lift’ the ball up.


Although these tips seem quite basic, by incorporating them into your game the swing will become more consistent and that will make the game of golf much more enjoyable. Golf is only hard because most golfers never practice the basics of the swing. Keep it simple, master these four simple tips and golf will become much easier.