Being tall can be a great asset when playing golf, but only if the correct stance is adopted.

With good posture, a tall golfer can utilize their extra leverage and hit the ball long and straight with minimum effort but stand badly to the ball, and poor striking and injury could result.

Follow these simple steps to adopt the correct address position for a simple, effective swing.

Golf Stance Tips for Tall People

The more a golfer bends over from the waist, the more difficult the golf swing becomes.

Learning to keep the spine upright allows the shoulders to turn more easily, promoting a full turn and wide arc. A short person will naturally stand quite erect to the ball, but tall golfers tend to stoop over the ball with a bent back and rounded shoulders.

For a tall person, the key to standing correctly to the ball is by lowering the club to the ground by bending the knees and keeping the spine as upright as possible. This is one of Nick Faldo’s major changes in his swing before taking the world by storm in the 1990s.

  • Bend the knees and keep the spine upright and straight.

Golf Swing Tips For a Tall Golfer

The takeaway becomes complicated if a tall person stoops over the ball too much. The more the spine is inclined forward, the more the hips get in the way as the club is swept back.

This local takeaway can easily turn into a reverse pivot where the swing becomes narrow, and the left arm collapses at the top of the backswing.

To experience the difference, stand upright and make a full turn of the shoulders – no problem. But now bend over and try to turn – it is much more difficult.

With good posture, a golfer must learn to turn the shoulders to sweep the club back, ensuring the left shoulder stays up and does not start to dip down too much. It is essential to turn the shoulders, not tilt them.

Swing Plane Tips for a Tall Golfer

If a tall golfer manages to turn the shoulders to start the swing, when the arms have to do their job and swing the club to the top, instead of the body being in the way, a golfer will have created space for the arms to travel upwards without impacting against the chest.

This will lead to a wide arc and much more control. If allowed to swing freely, the arms will naturally swing onto the correct plane. Only when the arms are inhibited from swinging freely, do they move onto an unnatural plane.

  • Turn the shoulders to allow the arms to swing freely for the perfect swing plane.

Tall Golfers and Injury Tips

A reverse pivot will nearly always lead to a painful back; that is why so many tall golfers suffer from back pain. With a more upright spine and bent knees, much less strain is placed on the back – consequently, a tall golfer can avoid the agony of back pain that many experiences.